SPEAK UP With Carmen Honacker!

Break Through to the Hard Truth

We’re proud to announce a brand new column from one of our fan favorite authors, Carmen Honacker (author of popular articles like “Keep Your Power!” and “10 Ways to Spot a Tool“).

The column – to be titled “Speak Up!” – will be your chance to get direct advice from Carmen in her signature blunt, straightforward style. If you’ve ever had a question that you couldn’t quite get a straight answer on, or that people treaded on lightly with you, and you need to make a break-through into reality, now’s your chance to get assistance. In addition to her own advice, Carmen will recommend two psychics to directly aid you.

You can submit questions here for Carmen to answer!

(PLEASE NOTE: Carmen is NOT a psychic! This is a general life advice column.)

Good luck, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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16 thoughts on “SPEAK UP With Carmen Honacker!

  1. beky

    I have a b/f who left town for z next 6/7 months. He never called send email if and only if Iwrite him down. on his words I feel that rather zan trying to say its okay babe its short time mostly he tries to confirm that he is not sure about his return to town soon. I dont know what to do, I am living my life by guessing my r/p with my b/f ….. on z bush round terms. I really need ur advcie

  2. ann

    i sure do need advice I came back to massachuetts now 5 months to be with my high school sweetheart who found me on face book
    but let me tell you he has done nothing but hurt my emotions since I came back to this town I feel so used I just want to go back to where I was and try to put my life back in order
    what a fool I am

  3. Maria

    Hello Carmen,

    I am a department manager in an international organization.
    My salary is good…but is much lower than my colleagues (Men managers)
    I’m divorced and going through serious monetary difficulties at the moment.
    Is useless to say that this situation is extremely frustating.
    I will appreciate your advice in how to get my deserved salary increase.



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