Your Thanksgiving Astrology

Deep Connections Create Loving Change

On Thanksgiving Day, loving, convivial Venus joins the great dreamer Neptune in a friendly dance that will encourage friends and family to share fond memories and visions for the holidays and New Year, while likely overindulging in Thanksgiving food and good cheer.

Also, for most of Thanksgiving day the Moon will be in deep, intense Scorpio, a potent facilitator of change. Since the moon is also in what’s known as its “dark” phase (the last days before a new moon), and lunar energies are at their quietest and most inner-directed, it may be hard to avoid introspection in the early part of the day. It’s not necessarily the best support for jolly Thanksgiving festivities, but it definitely offers the opportunity for powerful healing in your own psyche or with family.

In fact, the astrological energies for Thanksgiving 2011 are perfect for deep work, for uncovering what’s hidden or denied. Definitely the typical confusion in business, communications and technology normally created by the three-week Mercury retrograde period beginning on the 23rd can also be the perfect support for going into things deeply, especially when you’re going back over old history, plans or ideas.

To add to the liveliness, there’s a new moon joining the sun at three degrees of Sagittarius, the upbeat sign of the philosopher and adventurer, at about 10 pm PST and 1 am EST. The first three days of a new moon period are an excellent time to plant seeds for what you want to manifest in your life, in this case probably in the areas of new philosophy, ideals or possibly higher education.

Earlier in the week, cooperative, positive astrological combinations occurred (and are still exercising some influence), between Venus (love, beauty and personal values) and taskmaster Saturn; the sun and that freedom-loving agent of change Uranus; Mars (ego and will) and deep, dark Pluto (profound transformation).

While planets may influence specific areas of your chart to bring even more blessings or challenges, here are some helpful hints for a rewarding Thanksgiving:

Sagittarius – It’s all about your identity, your personal path of evolution, as memories and surprising beliefs pour out of your subconscious and into the light of day.

Capricorn – Friends and family might accuse of you of trying to dictate to them today, but you can apply your heightened intuition and communication skills for true healing.

Aquarius – You’re more susceptible to intoxicants (including sugar) than usual, so think before you speak and this could be one of your most rewarding Thanksgivings ever.

Pisces – There should be lots of wonderful conversation today, but perhaps stress with partners over spending. Career frustrations could distract; heed your soul instead.

Aries – Jumping on your horse and riding off in all directions usually works for you, but tread carefully today, both physically and emotionally. Philosophy is your biggest ally.

Taurus – Today will be a feast for your senses, even more than your typical Thanksgiving. Food, drink, nature, art, sex, all can be profound experiences.

Gemini – If you leave your ego and past out of the equation, irritation with family/partners will simply evaporate. Trust your intuition to make it all right.

Cancer – Your sensitive digestion and emotions may be more so than usual, and others may seem bent on making things difficult. Ignore it and do what you do best – nurture.

Leo – Everything you touch turns to pure sunshine today, and even if you startle family and friends with some radical new ideas, it’s as though you can do no wrong.

Virgo – Bite your tongue before you criticize or argue, and this Thanksgiving promises to be a very precious memory. Heartfelt connections, not money, are what matter.

LibraPerhaps you feel low energy, or even a bit depressed, over out-of-control elements in your life, but your charm and eye for beauty can lift your spirits and others’.

Scorpio – Your heart may be on your sleeve rather than carefully hidden today, and women play a big role. Go ahead and express those deep thoughts! You rock!

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  1. Charmaine McDonald

    Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving should be observed Everyday, by Human Beings, We should give Thanks to God for all The benefits we have here on This Planet Earth. ” O give Thanks Unto The Lord, For He is Good, and His Mercy Endureth Forever” Blessed be, Happy Thanksgiving to all those who believe.


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