5 Signs You’re Overly Opinionated

It’s important to have opinions. However, if you’re one of those people who thinks they know everything, your opinion onslaught may be driving others (friends, colleagues, mates and dates alike) away – and fast! After all, nobody likes a know-it-all. Part of being a social creature is being able to recognize when to keep your mouth shut, no matter what your mind is telling you. Even if they think they’re just expressing themselves or sharing their breadth of knowledge in an effort to help someone out, the overly opinionated get on our nerves and rarely get taken seriously – even when they have something worthwhile to share!

Here are some signs you’re one of them:

1. You always dominate the conversation

Being a leader, a social butterfly or a charismatic person is one thing. Sure, sometimes you’re going to have to hold the floor, and sometimes it’ll happen even if you’re not trying – regardless of whether or not you fit any of the aforementioned descriptions. If, on the other hand, you’re always front and center and never seem to run out of things to say… there’s a chance you’re talking when you should be listening. Which brings us to…

2. You don’t listen, you wait for your chance to talk

A surefire sign you’re overly opinionated is not waiting to actually hear what someone has to say before you jump in with what you’ve been dying to add to the conversation since (before) it started. Conversation is meant to be an exchange, not a one-mouth firing squad.

3. You never change your mind

Though it’s considered a flip-flop in politics, most people are open to changing their minds once they get new information. If you never change your mind, even when faced with circumstantial changes or scientific advancements or even changes of heart (why would you, after all, you already know what you believe), odds are that you’re overly opinionated!

4. You jump to conclusions

Evidence be damned, you’ve got your worldview. So why bother waiting for someone to share something? It’s not like they’ll offer new information, right? Wrong! If you know where a conversation is going and simply must add your two (make that ten) cents, without waiting to hear the complete thoughts of the person you’re speaking with, then you guessed it…. overly opinionated.

5. You know something… about everything

Being knowledgeable and having diverse interests is one thing. Having information on every topic that ever arises is another thing altogether. There’s no way that one person can have an actual, informed point of view regarding every subject they encounter. Consider your opinion valid without being informed? There’s a very good chance that you’re the prince (or princess) of the party foul known as being certain you know the answers, despite the fact that you’ve probably missed the questions.

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3 thoughts on “5 Signs You’re Overly Opinionated

  1. Loud Mouse/Th

    Oh dear,

    Well, I guess misinterpretations happen…

    Recently one of our flatmates left our house, I believe we were too studious in our subjects at university and didn’t ‘party’ enough for him… By that I mean that I still go out a lot for a 20 year old, but in comparison to him there was no point competing and trying to stay at university. Yeah, some morning’s I would wake up and find the entire content of the fridge on the floor, but at least it wasn’t as bad as the new loud mouse/th that resides in my house.

    If you took the article above, and painted it into a hyperrealist painting before magically making it move and talk, out of the canvas would come our new flatmate. Don’t get me wrong, the guy is a cool guy, I do like some of the conversations we have but, beyond the reason I use shampoo and not conditioner as it makes my hair look flat, and ways of making you’re clothes not crumpled without ironing them, I have decided to leave the normal deep conversations about interesting things in life I’d have with a normal person outside the front door.

    And by the way did I mention it’s only been 2 weeks? Well, 2 down, 50 to go of never ending ‘This girl I was talking to, said blah, she can’t say blah when she hasn’t read blah.’ No one can ever have an opinion unless it’s backed up my a fact. A fact that was either on the news or on a website that has proven itself in his eye’s in one way or another.

    At least he doesn’t care about the mouse problem we have… In fact he found a way to get rid of them, he filled a hole in the wall/put one of those electrical appliances that only mice can hear on the wall.

    I’m the mouse, he’s the appliance and I’m spending a whole lot more time out of the house.

  2. jennifer stewart

    that sound’s like everyone on the internet they claim too be expert’s when in reality they are nothing but overly opinionated idiot’s seeking attention and don’t even get me started on the so called internet relationship expert’s if your such an expert then go out and get a real life away from the internet bye

  3. cubanista

    Great to read that I’m not in the category of-Overly Opinionated. 1=Never do I dominate(even if I’m placed in the position to lead), I may open the discussion, but allow others immediately, in submitting their point of view, awaiting my turn to submit mine. 2= I’m a great listener! The only way to know/understand where the other person is coming from/their perspective. 3=Changing my mind is 95% of mine, characteristic attributes. Not because, I’m not sure of my certainties, but because, there’s always, a possible chance of my cerntainties, not being , a total- “case and point”. 4= Jumping to conclusions, has been, less than often, executed by me. This may be 2% of 100%, of the possibility of being overly opinionated. Eventhough I’ve jumped to conclusions( expressing my beliefs of matters at hand), I made such reaction, not in an abruptly manner- briefly allowing others in expressing opinion-than I jumped in expressing mine,cause theirs didn’t make sense/totally out of the norm. 5= Definetly Less than Near Always, do I know something, about everything! Only God, is capable of such Talent! But there’s more than never, A person/ someone, in our circle of friends/associates/world, that knows alittle or more about something, than we do. An know-it-All- I Am Not!
    Thanks for the descripted views of An Overly Opinionated Individual- Giving me, the opportunity to cross reference,your reading(Overly Opionated), verses my personal view of myself. Allowing ?, to read your written, descripted evaluations(not by me- which would be considered as false interpretation)and finally/hopefully come to an factual understanding of mine, unconditional/worthy attribute!


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