Psychic Danni: Connecting With Balance

Psychic Danni ext. 5193 is an intuitive psychic who has been reading professionally for over 18 years. She receives images and information directly from her guides and backs it up with the Tarot. She spoke to us about her practice:

“At the opening of my readings, I’ll ask my guides to come forward. I’m a straight-up clairvoyant and empath, and once I have somebody’s name and date of birth I can tap into the energy I feel over phone and start telling callers what I see. I’ll tend to also use some numerology and astrology based on what I’m getting from my guides. I tend to know their sign instantly, and sometimes the sign of their mate. I work with helping the callers find inner balance at first, to connect with peace and empowerment.

How did she get started on the psychic path?

“It’s always been a part of my life,” Danni ext. 5193 responds. “I’m a second generation clairvoyant. My grandmother was a Native American Indian, and she always walked the path. I don’t know a life without it. I learned to meditate and listen to my guides and decipher info from my guides. I’ve always prayed and meditated for truth, balance and clear messages. I’ve always read, and from my early twenties on I began to take on clients. I would do it as a side job; I worked in the pharmaceutical industry, and then I was a stay-at-home mom for a long time. I didn’t want to go back to corporate America, I wanted to build a business around healing and empowering people. Now this is my full-time career.”

Where does she get assistance in her readings?

“I believe my talent comes from God, it’s God given. He’s who I ask for guidance and clarity. I also have three guides that show up. I don’t talk to them outside of readings, but they’re definitely present during readings. One is a much older, male Indian chief. There’s a little girl who never talks, but she’s very empathic, and is there to nurture and heal. And I have another female guide, in her early to late twenties. They come in and out of the readings with messages. A lot of my readings are very visual, I actually see things like I have a screen to the left of my vision. My guides also offer me very precise timing. I’ll always listen for a number when I’m reading. I know that when I hear a number—boom, I’d put money on it in Vegas.”

Danni ext. 5193 offers further guidance for her callers:

“We’re all intuitive beings. When you have a reading, it’s great to take some time afterwards to sit down and process what you’ve heard. All we can do is read energy, and if there’s something that doesn’t resonate with you, you can sit down and meditate and pray about it. If it’s something that you absolutely want to happen, you need to sit down and believe it. Sometimes people need five psychics to tell them something before they believe it. If you can take a moment to sit down with yourself and look over your notes, a lot of what we do is teaching people about spirituality in our readings, to be balanced and listen to their own voice.”

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3 thoughts on “Psychic Danni: Connecting With Balance

  1. Debi Rogers Vincenzo

    Dani, I believe everything and everyone has a purpose but most of us have not even touched on that purpose because we’re taught as we are young that there has to be an explanation for everything! I’m struggling right now to endure my husbands death in 2007, and an illness that I haven’t been able to have properly diagnosed because I have become so poor since his death. My full name is Deborah DarleneVincenzo(nee: Rogers)DOB 1-24-1961, this has me so torn apart that my world is spinning and all I find myself doing is crying and praying. I’m mad at myself because I feel such compassion towards others who are having bad or frightening times and am able to help them in some way have courage or strenghth and to believe it will be okay but in helping myself this seems so impossible. Please if you can give me the guidance I am not allowing myself to feel or follow! I’m frightened beyond words! May GOD BLESS and keep you safe and in his ever loving sight and love.
    Deborah Darlene Vincenzo


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