Inside the King’s Chamber

I recently visited Egypt to experience our ancient sky-gazing roots and sacred places of practice. Cairo has 22 million inhabitants. Camels and horse-drawn carriages are as much a part of the busy streets as the speeding cars and buses in the suburb of Giza, and above you stand the three massive pyramids, including the Great Pyramid. The energy is palpable and astounding.

Most of us wish for those magical moments of knowing ourselves or a loved one even more deeply than we imagined, and feeling full of love and peace. We can also be overwhelmed with an “Aha” moment, as in: “That’s why I loved him as soon as I saw him” or “That’s why I’m afraid of…” This happens when we talk to our personal psychic or experience our own revelations. Egypt is so ancient and profound that the actual location takes us out of time and space. We’re suddenly living thousands of years ago, with profound memories grabbing us at every turn.

The three pyramids reflect the stars of Orion’s Belt as the nearby Nile reflects the Milky Way. The Ancient Egyptians couldn’t have made the phrase “As above, so below” any clearer to us – we can touch it here. They were recreating the sky on earth, and the sky was where they were going after their “rebirth.” The power there overwhelms, and there is no escape once you’ve experienced it.

Entering the Great Pyramid and making the journey along the low, beautifully corbelled shafts to the King’s Chamber is mystical, and at the same time requires engaging seldom-used muscles and a bit of exertion. No one wavered, even though one of the group had a dislocated shoulder and others were suffering from respiratory issues. Nothing seemed to stop us after our long journey through the wonders of the powerful sites we had visited in Egypt – Isis, Sekhmet, Osiris, Horus and Hathor all prepared us for this experience.

Being inside the chamber felt like coming home to hidden knowledge and power within ourselves. Time ceased to exist, and the large box-like structure that is the King’s Chamber seemed to have no limits. We could see the infinite sky, and energetic colors and deeply resonant sounds permeated the place. Each person took away something personal and profound. We called up individual past-life memories, including the brilliant Hypatia from the Ptolemaic times in Egypt and a passionate desire to protect, and the pain of losing, the beautiful library at Alexandria.

There were much older memories of a young girl with a gift that would be described as “magic” today. It was far more precarious a life than one might imagine, as people in positions of power wanted what she had, compelling her to hide her personal power, something many of us are still suffering from today.

Among the group, one astrologer had a commitment two days after she returned to the US, the day after that visit to the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid. A Reiki master who had requested a reading from her on that busy day wanted to energize her with healing energy, as she was coughing a great deal. He later pulled his hands away stating that the energy returning from her was too intense and it was “over-amping” him. Her apology was, “It’s just Egypt. That is just a bit of the energy there.”

This same visitor to the site had her husband (not exactly someone who trusts the magical) seeing her in various places in the house so intensely that he was speaking to her…but she wasn’t physically there. He could even see her sitting on a sofa as she passed in front of her image in the same room.

So, if you go to Egypt and you are very sensitive, what do you do with this power and new reality? That seems to be the conversation among our group, “What do we do with all this magic?” I think we’ll do the same things California’s Psychics readers do. We commit ourselves to the common good and serving others, share our experiences, and the direction for these energies will unfold on a daily basis – at least that’s how it appears so far.

Since our psychics operate in a realm outside space and time, many are certainly familiar with Egyptian energy, and may likely have some spiritual roots there. I suspect that many of you have the same memories. It would be great fun, and educational, to learn of your memories and the uses you have found for your energies.

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7 thoughts on “Inside the King’s Chamber

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  4. Debra Keil-LeavittDebra Keil-Leavitt


    What an amazing testimonial to your intuitive and past life or “common consciousness” memory! Amazing, isn’t it?

    I’m certain Auschwitz was beyond anything imaginable as well…A place we should never forget – as humans can so easily become overwhelmed with fear (which sometimes shows up as greed) that we make terrible decisions about our lives and our leadership that “snowball” into terrible things happening to our fellow humans – probably never really intended by us personally. It’s so important to remember that humans are capable of amazingly kind, generous, magical acts of love and compassion, but we can’t forget to commit to loving our fellow humans, even if it seems that we might have a little less – we’ll be find as long as we share and love.

  5. Hellen Condit

    I was inside the king´s chamber. It had profound influence on me. Also because I had dreamt some Egyptian hieroglyphical signs when I was twelve years old and later when I was older. Can´t remember now how old I was. I met a turistguard in Egypt and I told her about my two dreams. And I showed her symbols that represented the signs in my dreams which I found and photographed in Egypt! She told me that they were hieroglyphs meaning to give the key of life. One dream was the verb to give and the second was the tree of life which I dreamt when I was twelve. Believe me, there is no way that I could have heard of these signs before I dreamt them. No one in my family knew anything of Egypt!

    Another place that influenced me profoundly was Auswitz in Polen. I went there last summer. I was in perfect health when I got there but was so moved by what I saw there that I got a 90 days cold. Just awful! To horrible a place to be true but still so true as it can get! Places certainly have an impact!


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