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Perhaps you wanted to have a bit of fun and decided to talk to a psychic. Maybe you needed some guidance or just someone to vent to…and then boom! The psychic hit you with some mind-blowing insight.

If this sounds like you, or if you have a compelling success story with your favorite psychic…then we want to hear from you!

We want to feature more stories from readers and callers who have made our California Psychics community such a positive place to grow spiritually.

Even if your story has not reached it’s happy ending, let us know how psychics have helped you grow. By sharing your story you’ll have the opportunity to gain insight from many of our great psychics as well as other readers out there who may be in similar situations.

Send your stories to We’ll feature it on our blog or maybe in our newsletter.

Happy writing!

2 thoughts on “Send Us Your Stories!

  1. angel4

    I have talked to 3 wonderful gals in no particular order Joy Nina and Gina Rose
    All 3 agree the I am with my soul mate life soul mate. Even though its rough. they tell me with the blue moon and between Jan and April will be some head way. It has been close to 24 months since I have found out this huge change in my mate.I pray that God My angels and these lovely ladies are right and my angels Help me with this part of my missing heart and soul.I have sensed the same things way before I even called these gifted ladies.My gut feeling has changed on some days.but a feeling that there is forest and no path until he sees the real from the fake is there. so blessing to the gals I talked with and blessings to those that read this.


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