Understanding Psychic Readings

Understanding Psychic Readings | California Psychics

How a Reading May Affect You

Several months ago, I went to a friend for a psychic reading. You may ask: why would a psychic go to another psychic for a reading? The answer is simple; often, as psychics, we need a good psychic to answer our questions. Many psychics will tell you it is very hard to read for oneself. Psychics often get intuitive information about our own lives through dreams, synchronicity, and visions; we can even use our own tarot cards, but sometimes we are just too close to a situation and we need another psychic’s perspective.

I have read with other psychics many times during my own psychic career and I have to say, every time I have this experience, it is thrilling and filled with anticipation for the information I am about to receive. In addition to the reading, I am reminded what it is like to be on the other side of a reading, to feel that feeling of anticipation for information that I trust will help my situation; information that may have the power to change the course of my life! I am grateful for that reminder, because when I return to my own clients and my readings, I feel restored and energized, excited to have another chance to help someone with the insights that I receive from my cards and my guides.

Psychic Readings Are Personal

There is an aspect of any intuitive reading that is as unique as the psychic who is giving it. Some psychics ask specific questions or focus on a topic before they read, others prefer not to know too much information, or to give “cold” readings. Some use tools, others don’t. In addition to using tarot cards, I ask all my clients for their date of birth before we begin a reading. This helps me to “locate” them psychically and astrologically. While we may not use astrology in the reading, the birth date gives me psychic insights and helps me to connect with intuitive guidance that is meant specifically for them. In relationship readings, for example, astrology can be a very helpful tool – I can see exactly why a Virgo and Cancer have missed each other during a disagreement, or why a Taurus and a Scorpio have broken up again and what is needed to get these relationships back on track.

My point here is that there is no right or wrong way to give a psychic reading. The most important factor in any reading, and what they should all have in common, is that the information is in some way helpful to you. Part of understanding a psychic reading and the effect it may have on you, is appreciating that decision to ask for psychic help is very powerful, and I believe, takes courage. We open ourselves up to someone about something that is usually very personal in our lives and often at a time of crisis. We then listen to guidance and advice based on the intimate details of our lives that we have shared. This takes great vulnerability, and I am always honored when someone asks for a reading. It immediately creates a sense of intimacy between reader and psychic. I know people who have taken years to tell their friends an intimate detail about their past, but they’ve told a psychic fifteen minutes into the reading – or rather, the psychic told them, and they confirmed it. My point here is that the client/psychic relationship is sacred. We come together in the hope that a transformation will take place for the good of everyone involved. I also know people who trust their psychic readers as much as close friends and family. The relationship between psychic and reader can be very powerful, and can change a life, which is why people appreciate psychic guidance.

Psychic Readings Can Contain Deep Meaning

A little note about the information that we receive in a reading: I once read for a woman who called me because she’d recently gotten a “bad” reading. She shared with me that she suspected her boyfriend was cheating on her. What was interesting about her situation was that she was convinced he was cheating, and any reading that didn’t confirm her suspicions was a “bad” reading. I’ve learned as a reader and a psychic that it is important not to second guess a reading, or anticipate an outcome. I’ll be honest, when she first told me her situation, the details definitely sounded like she was with a cheater. But I trusted my guides to give me the truth, and I consulted my cards. I have specific cards that I look for with cheaters and I confirmed the spread several times. This wasn’t a cheating reading; what I saw was that her boyfriend had recently lost his job, was emotionally affected by this, and was isolating himself from depression. She was able to confirm that what I saw was true. Once we got cheating off the table, she was able to be more supportive and their relationship became stronger as a result.

Sometimes a reading contains information that isn’t easy to hear, but that doesn’t mean it is bad if it leads to you living your best life. Finding out that you are meant to be an actor when you are an accountant may be difficult to hear at first, until you realize that you’ve been frustrated in your career and you’ve been thinking about taking an acting class – another reading I had not too long ago. Psychic readings are a great way to go deeper into our lives and what matters most to us, which is wonderful, but the spiritual journey sometimes means facing our fears. Isn’t it nice to feel that you have a friend to travel along that road with you? That is what a great psychic reading can do!

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