Red ext. 9226 could not understand why she saw, heard, felt and knew things that others did not when she was growing up. But by the age of eight, it was clear her path was one of instinct, spirit and nature.

Through a lifetime of metaphysical study, the guidance of her psychic family and the aid of the Tarot, she has been able to focus her gifts to help guide others.

In a reading, Red easily taps into clarity and insight into all areas of life. A reading with her provides both honesty and accuracy and is based in her belief that everyone deserves at least a bit of peace in each and every day.

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  1. joanne

    What is with men? I have been trying to meet a nice man online and I thought I did. We hit it off great when we first met. We both were very excited about a future relationship but we live in different locations. I have been trying to find a job in the area that he lives even before we met so it is still in the works. He has become distant telling me that he cannot do a long distance relatinship and unless we I am there then there is no chance for us. In this past week he has becomevery distant and now I am seeing pictures of him with another women on his facebook profile, three days after we talked about a possible future together if I move to DC..What is up with that? It is very fustrating with all the mixed signals..I don’t know what to think of him nor do I know if he is being upfront and the picture is only a friend etc. What do you think?


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