Will My Lover Come Back?

Some people’s love lives are complicated, convoluted and full of deception and intrigue. Even amidst the most indiscriminate state of affairs, there are happy endings, reveals Sabrina ext. 9222 . She cites one of her favorite clients as an example, a young actress with a love resume that read like the plot of a hot soap opera.

Angie (not her real name) was in the throes of divorce when she first called Sabrina almost two years ago. The twenty-something actress had caught her about to be ex-husband cheating, but she was okay with it, because she was looking for a way out of the marriage anyway.

While he was away traveling on business each month, Angie’s best-kept secret was that she was having a fling with a television producer who worked on the show in which she had a running bit part. Nobody, not even her best friend had an inkling of what was happening.

Then she met Josh on a flight from New Mexico to Los Angeles. They ended up sitting next to one another, and before they landed they had already made plans to have dinner. The only problem was that Josh was legally separated and having a terrible time navigating any kind of a property and financial settlement. Josh was also seeing someone else casually.

Sabrina focused on Angie’s first name, date of birth and then as she describes their first reading, “I just began to talk and talk, as usual. I told Angie that there is a tall man, athletic build, beautiful wavy hair, he’s genuinely kind…”

“Oh that’s Josh,” she confirmed to Sabrina. “We just started seeing each other but there’s something there.”

“Yes,” laughed Sabrina. “Another woman, his age, about five feet seven…”

“Yeah that’s his wife… well, hopefully his ex-wife.”

“She’s only concerned about his money and she’s cold.”

“That’s right. He can’t get a divorce because they’re fighting over it.”

“He’s going to lose some property in a separate situation.”

“Hmm… I don’t really know that much. He moved here from Alaska. It sounds like he has property there. His wife is there.”

“There is another woman, too … She has red hair and she’s athletic. Yeah, that’s the dancer he’s been seeing, but it isn’t anything serious,” Angie commented blithely.

“Who’s the man from another country? He could lose his job.”

“Oh no, don’t tell me that! That’s Jeff, he’s my boss. Don’t tell me he’s really going to lose his job!”

After that first call, Angie checked in with Sabrina regularly, because she and Josh were falling for each other. During their first year together, Angie had given up the other men in her life even though Josh’s divorce was not going smoothly and he was spending much of his time in Alaska.

“Is he the one?” Angie would ask Sabrina constantly.

And whether or not the young actress was fed up with the complications in his divorce, or worried about whether their relationship could survive the stress of their tangled up lives, Sabrina would say, “You’ll have to wait for him.”

One day after staying in contact with the psychic for more than a year, she called to say that Josh had gone back to Alaska and she’d lost contact with him. “I think it’s over,” she announced, clearly disheartened.

“He’ll be back. I’ve always said you’d have to wait for him.”

“Okay, so how long?” Angie asked abruptly.

“Eight months…” Sabrina was sure.

“He’s not coming back! That’s nuts. Why would I wait?”

“It’s not easy to get out of a marriage like his, but he’s coming back. Call me and let me know when he does. I do know that when you’re waiting for a lover to return, you really need to do positive things… All time is precious.” Sabrina then suggested to Angie that she burn white candles, meditate on the positives in her life, take long walks or a drive at the end of the day to do her best to live her life as usual during their separation.

Angie called Sabrina occasionally for readings about her family and friends, business trips and acting auditions. On occasion she would begin her call to the intuitive, with a “You know, you really are a scary psychic,” and then proceed to tell her how a prediction had been correct. Over time, she found herself uninterested in dating around and began to look back at the connection she had had with Josh. It lead her to decide that whether he came back or not, their togetherness had the kind of glue that made her the happiest.

“Just last week,” Sabrina announced, “Angie called to say “You really are a very, scary psychic! He’s back. He’ s divorced. And just as he promised me before he went away, he was focused on cleaning up his life, so that we could finally have a clean chance at love. So Sabrina, is he the one?” Angie asked jokingly.

Sabrina smiled all day after that call, she admits with great satisfaction. “I love helping people in love. Angie used her time away from Josh to manage her feelings about love and life in general, and Josh, who always seemed to know what he wanted, also focused to make things work between them. Ultimately, even as you think about this story, love and other things are all about timing!”

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