Clean Out Your Romantic Closet!

Make Room for Your Romantic Future by Cleaning Out Your Romantic Closet!

Everyone has a romantic closet and each of us has filled ours with past loves lost, good and bad memories and romantic ideals. We hold on to everything, even after it stops serving our greater good. So how do we clean out or romantic closets and why should we? Psychic Rowan ext. 5423 shares everything you need to know about romantic closets and how to deal with them. Read on for her inspiring insight!

1) How do we begin to clean out our romantic closets?
Begin by taking stock of what’s current and true for who you are today. You may have bought into a romantic idea that never really fit, but you held onto it hoping that someday he really would ride in on a white horse. Let go of old ideas of romance and old relationship habits and you may just find there is room for something that fits you perfectly.

2) What are the benefits of cleaning out our romantic closets?
When you clean out your romantic closet you realize how many ideas (and people!) you’ve kept in there that are outdated. Every person is different, including the you of the past vs. the you of now. What was romantic five years ago may not be true for you today. I used to think a fancy dinner on the town was the best kind of romantic date. While I still find that to be quiet lovely, hiking to a beautiful waterfall or view with a boyfriend will win my heart every time.

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3) How often should we clean out our romantic closets?
Clean out your romantic closet whenever things start to get stale. Don’t wait for your partner to spice things up; do it yourself! It will make you feel lighter and full of possibility.

4) Can our romantic closets ever get too full?
It can only get too full if you fill it with outdated expectations, old attachments or romantic ideas that don’t actually fit your personality. So often we get caught up in what other people think is romantic instead of taking the time to find our own truth. Always keep what’s tried and true (like a favorite old sweater) but drop the ideas that are overcrowding your ability to be happy in your love life.

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5) What if our closets are too empty?
Remember that romance isn’t just about dating and relationships; it’s something we cultivate in our being. It’s appreciating the beauty of life. Work on noticing what you find romantic around you—a beautiful sunset, a bouquet of flowers—and you will aromatically draw romance into your life.

6) What should we keep in our romantic closets forever?
Never throw out your ability to be amazed, to be touched by the simplest gestures, or the feeling of butterflies that remind you of the sweetness of love that is your birthright. Even if you’re 20 years into a marriage, you can still be swept off your feet. Your romantic closet is a place to keep the treasures of your heart. Take care of those treasures by keeping your sense of wonder alive.

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  1. Sandy

    Great piece, definitely learned a thing or two about myself by reading it. This is a keeper, thank you for sharing. One more thing I would like to add my closets at home are full as well perhaps I can apply this in many areas of my life. Have a wonderful day, I intend to.


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