Read With These Awesome New Psychics!

Check Out a Few of Our Newest Psychics

We’ve got a few new psychics to show off, and we want to make sure you’re among the first to see them. We’re proud of our new psychics, and only bring on 2 out of 100 psychics who apply—meaning that those who we introduce to our customers have been through rigorous testing and examination that only a very few make it through. That means that you can be assured the following psychics are among the best of the best. Give them a try!

Psychic Zariya ext. 6009

Zariya will give you a plan of action! She prefers to begin without any questions to get the metaphysical ball rolling. Start the reading by taking a slow, deep breath to clear your energy. After you exhale, you will be aligned so that you can focus as she shuffles the Tarot. As she looks into your life, she will discuss how you can consciously create desired transformations. An intuitive psychic who channels energy through the Tarot, Zariya interprets archetypal patterns and recurring themes. Reading professionally for over 10 years, she believes how you do one thing is how you do everything. She loves advising on multiple topics because she often sees similar energetic patterns show up simultaneously in all areas. Of her readings, she says, “You can expect a change in perspective. If you feel distraught and hopeless at the beginning of a reading, you will find deeper insight and optimism that you couldn’t see before.” Her hope is to leave you with a lighter heart and clearer head to move you through any difficulty. What can Psychic Zariya ext. 6009 see for you? Call her now!

Psychic Bonnie ext. 5905

Bonnie accesses a high vibration to focus her clairvoyant mediumship abilities. She contacts her spirit guides to obtain details about your future. Reading professionally for over 26 years, Bonnie is calming, tactful, and kind. She links in through vocal vibrations and via her connection to the Tarot. She has experience with military personnel, and it is her personal passion to help everyone on their journeys. She begins by taking a deep breath to call in your guides. Bonnie can also pick up on auras and will share extra information from reading on them. You can feel comfortable to open up and validate her psychic hits. She loves an interactive session! She specializes in facilitating person to spirit guide interactions. Bonnie says, “I sincerely hope that you will feel satisfied and happy with your reading.” She has been reading energy since the age of 5! As a teenager she would read playing cards for friends, and when her predictions came to pass, they all thought it was great without totally understanding the spiritual implications. This experience helped pave the way for Bonnie to pursue a professional psychic career. What can Psychic Bonnie ext. 5905 see for you? Call her now!

Psychic Samantha ext. 5906

Samantha asks that you gently focus upon your question and/or situation. Take 2-3 deep breathes, move your shoulders away from your ears, and get ready for clarity! This method opens up the reading to positive energy. You can come to the session with either a specific question or just ask what the universe would like for you to know. Samantha says, “Sometimes what we believe to be a priority is not quite how the universe sees it, which can explain why there are blockages, delays, and obstacles in what we are trying to achieve.” She believes that you can always move toward making the best of any difficulty by focusing on a positive outcome. Samantha will explore your strengths with you. She believes that spirituality is always with us and influences us in every way. Her truthful readings coupled with encouragement will shower you in enlightenment. Having pretty much seen everything throughout her life, Samantha cannot be shocked! She says, “If someone has the curiosity that propels them to a reading, they are 50% on the road to clarity, improvement, reassurance, and development.” What can Psychic Samantha ext. 5906 see for you? Call her now!

Psychic Coda ext. 6258

Coda is a down to earth reader with a zest for life! He provides general readings and does not need you to ask questions. You simply begin the session by relaxing, emptying your mind, and taking a couple deep breaths. An inspirational reader, Coda wants you to feel better after every reading. Since he experiences your feelings with you, he truly understands what you are going through. He will share creative ways to deal with any difficult situation so that you may live your life to its most beautiful potential. Coda receives confirmation through his Tarot deck, higher guidance, and from you too. So feel free to let him know when the psychic details really move you – he loves when you feel engaged. Reading professionally for over 15 years, Coda underwent his training by giving in-person readings at prominent metaphysical locations. He says, “Readings give us new ways to look at our lives!” Coda has a background in business and the arts, so he can readily identify with concerns from both sides of the spectrum. What can Psychic Coda ext. 6258 see for you? Call him now!

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  1. Aisha x5865

    Welcome Zariya, Bonnie, Samantha and Coda!
    Glad to have you hear as part of the team!
    This is a great place, with amazing callers! Enjoy 🙂
    Thanks for bringing your gifts and talents on board at CP



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