Break Out of a Relationship Rut

Use Tarot to Fix Your Relationship!

Is your relationship predictable and boring? Are you just going through the motions? Have you just given up or are you being taken for granted? If you or your partner aren’t making an effort to get out of the uniformity and regularity of your relationship you probably need some outside help. You can get out of a relationship rut with psychic help. That is where the Tarot comes into play.

The most common problem in this kind of relationship seems to be a lack of communication, a feeling of a lack of control and a fear that the other person may react negatively to change. But in order to change things, you need to be bold, brave and assertive. You need to take charge of things or nothing is going to change.

Tarot gives you insight into the other person, their characteristics, their issues and how to handle it all. Here is a selection of Tarot cards that relate to relationship issues:

The Ace of Cups

This card suggests a new start and the need to go back to basics. If I pull this for you, it means that you and your partner need to start doing things together in order to rebuild a sense of companionship and friendship. Shared activities lead to love, so get involved with one another again.

The Empress

This card suggests that you should use your feminine whiles to get what you want. In the old days, Empresses were the power behind the throne. They used tact, diplomacy and sexual manipulation to get what they wanted. The sowed the seeds and implanted their desires. They took ownership and empowered others to deliver their desired outcomes. Just look at Cleopatra! This old Russian proverb sums it up well. The man may be the head but the woman is the neck and where the neck turns the head follows!

The Fool

This card indicates the need to set out on a new journey in order to get what you want and need. Do you know what you want? Some cards will give you a sense of timing and when to act, while others will not.


If you are in a “friends with benefits” situation, this card indicates it’s time to stop being a doormat. It’s time to stop giving your body away without commitment and love. You have expectations that need to be met now and your partner will either meet them or run. If they run, it will be for the best. You were just being held back by a selfish person anyway and now you’re free to find love. Be prepared to be hurt as you have to face the reality of a loveless situation.


The Death card may suggest a major emotional crossroads. It indicates that there is a decision to be made and the change will be dramatic in one way or another. Do you move on together or leave the past behind and set out to meet new opportunities?

The Tarot can help empower you in your journey of change. It can show you the choices and paths open to you and give advice on what and when to do things. All too often we know what needs to be done; we just haven’t faced up to the path ahead and the choices we need to make! Ultimately we have to take action and understand what holds us and our partner back from the relationship we want, together on with someone else.

4 thoughts on “Break Out of a Relationship Rut

  1. rosecoccarr

    being in a relationship is not boring….if you both love one another and want to be together that is you need…everything comes easy after that…never in a rut….it is being together and helping one another. I cant see you all black and red does that give me a clue…

  2. Ben

    Hi Naomi always a need to be brave when faced with a major cross road! Without seeing the whole picture it is difficult to offer more advice here, but try making a list of the issues around you and him to help you put things into perspective and then take the appropriate action to rectify the situation in terms of the out come you want! In this way you at least will have a sense of control and get an outcome one way or another! Also, you seem to have a lack of confidence in yourself and your desirability! Stop worrying about it and do something about it! Make yourself even more desirable because there must be something that he finds of interest in you, otherwise he wouldn’t be around would he? And in doing so, you will do your own moral a lot of good too! Try the Cleopatra approach! She was not a great beauty but a great catch none the less, in sales terms she went for the “Take away” approach which is about making an offer and then withdrawing and luring her intended into the chase and making the other person to the selling back to you!

  3. Naomi

    How do you use a tarot card, exactly? It seems all these tarots follow up with what I have been wanting to do, but my feelings and love for this so called “man” have been holding me back. The most that has been holding me back is hoping he doesn’t find another women to be with. Someone who is better than me, but then again, let them have him! They don’t know he is the runner, but I also feel like I need to use the Death Card. I’m more of the death card right now. It’s hard but I don’t know where to go…


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