The Weird Side of Every Zodiac

The Weird Side of Every Zodiac | California Psychics

Every Zodiac has a Strange Side

There are things about each zodiac sign that stick in our minds. We think of sweet, emotional Cancer, or angry, sassy Aries. But these stereotypes do a disservice to their complexity. There is more to each of the twelve zodiac signs than we often hear about, and some of the common traits are, well, weird.


Aries is the baby of the zodiac, the first sign in the new year according to astrology. Aries has all of the spirit and spunk that comes with juvenile curiosity. They are the first to jump into anything, as consequence is not a lesson they have learned on a cosmic level. They’re not afraid to make mistakes, which can look like blundering to other people, but for Aries, it only enriches the experience of life.

The weirdest thing that connects just about everyone under this sun sign is their willingness to fight for what they believe in, even if they know it’s totally futile. Other signs might see this is as a sign of stubbornness, but Aries knows that it’s not about winning, it’s about standing up for what you believe in, even if you look kind of ridiculous.


The Bull is often known for being stubborn, introverted, and hungry. However, a Taurine’s appreciation of the finer things in life goes deeper than just delicious food. It’s more about delicious everything. A Taurus is just as often a poet as a baker, and they are travelers as much as they are homebodies.

On the weirder end, Taurines do sometimes need gentle a reminder that a recent glance at a Wikipedia page isn’t the same thing as being an actual expert.


Gemini is an Air sign, represented by the image of twins, and often associated with conversation, indecisiveness, and understanding above judgment. Geminis are well known for being flirts, as they are ruled by Mercury, and for being unable to make choices, preferring instead to make pros and cons lists indefinitely.

Geminis have a few weird quirks, but one of the most common is a love for all things macabre. Count on your local Gemini to be able to list off gruesome serial killer facts, anecdotes about cannibalism, and other gross, creepy, or disturbing things.


Crabs are usually seen as the most emotional sign. While that is true for some Cancers, for a lot of people born under the moon’s sign, emotions run deep and stay deep. In actuality, there are two types of Cancers: those who cry every day, and those who never cry at all.

For all Crabs, however, the ability to sense emotions is often pitted against the desire to manipulate and control those emotions. Cancers are empaths, and they’re very good at empathizing with people. However, that also means they have quite a bit of sway over their friends who are in crisis, and it gives them a unique opportunity to move myriad pieces in the chess game of their lives.


Leos are known for being outgoing, bright, and charismatic. This Fire sign is ruled by the sun and is associated with strength and with gold. Leos are usually known for their sense of humor, warm embrace, and ability to lead any group.

On the weirder end of things, Leos often end up in the spotlight in a way they didn’t intend, but the motto of this sign is that any attention is better than none, and if you can’t be laughed with, might as well be laughed at.


Virgos are often seen as uptight and pragmatic. An Earth sign known for making lists and plans, Virgo is great at organizing, and less great at spontaneity and whimsy. They can be petty, and they tend to remember every slight against them as worse than it actually was.

Virgos are all weirdos, deep down, in the best way possible! They tend to have ridiculous and meticulous habits that cannot be changed under any circumstance. It’s best not to challenge them on it. Sometimes the pens just do need to be exactly that way in that drawer.


An Air sign that’s known for being charming and friendly. Libras are notorious flirts and have a way of making everyone around them feel safe and comfortable. They bring out the best in people and are the most social of all the signs.

However, this means Libras tend toward acting nice when they don’t mean it. Libras like to group together with other Libras who understand the desire to be both overwhelmingly accommodating, and scathingly judgmental on the side.


The Scorpion is another sign that tends to get a bad reputation. They are Water signs known for being deep, intuitive, and well—intense. The sign is associated with Pluto, Hades, and the underworld.

Something that every Scorpio seems to have in common is the ability to cut someone off when they feel it’s time to do so. Unlike any other sign, they seem to be able to walk away and live their best lives without thinking twice about the ties they cut. The rest of us are jealous.


Sagittarius is the final Fire sign of the zodiac. They’re known for loving the spotlight, and always pushing the envelope with fashion, music, and creativity.

On the weird side, Sag’s have no problem embarrassing themselves for the gram. Other signs look on with a mixture of second-hand embarrassment and jealousy at the fact that they seem unbothered—and that it also seems to work.


Capricorns are steadfast, hardworking Earth signs, often seen as cold and unfeeling, or worse—boring. Capricorn’s are pragmatic, but the stuffy exterior is usually just that—an exterior.

Something that may seem weird and counterintuitive to what you know about this sign is that they enjoy spending money as much as they enjoy making it. Capricorns are good at working hard, but they also tend to spend freely on things they consider luxurious. Chances are, your Cap friend is broker than their wardrobe suggests.


Aquarius is the second oldest sign in the zodiac, and the last Air sign. Often associated with rainbows, conspiracy theories, and esoterica in general, Aquarians don’t like to stick to a plan, preferring instead to see where life takes them.

Being weird is the bread and butter of the Aquarians, and they’re easy to spot in gatherings as either the one wearing glitter, or the one talking about Bigfoot.


Pisces is the oldest sign, and they feel the most. They are the caretaker, always looking out for others and putting their own needs last.

Sometimes, this leads to crying at inappropriate times. Sometimes—or really, all the time. It’s okay little Fish, let it out, even if it is a seemingly disproportionate reaction to have to an insurance commercial.

Weird, Yet Lovable

The more we understand about the strange ways of different zodiac signs, the more insight we get into what makes them so unique, and also so connected.

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