Psychic Tatiana Taps into Your Soul

A few months ago, I had a reading with Psychic Tatiana ext. 5189 . She touched on so many things in my life that I was impressed. It was like she was reading my soul.

Using the Tarot to confirm what she was receiving, she told me to release my fears at work. Easier said than done, right? We all worry about how we do our job and if we are taken seriously. And I was particularly nervous about my job. It was still relatively new to me at that time. However, Tatiana went on, if I released my fears, I would be able to be more expressive. As a full-time writer, that would be a good thing.

It took a few months for this lesson to unfold finally, but I’m seeing the results of her insight. I wrote a book within three months and currently I’m editing it. I never dreamed of writing anything like what I’m working on.

She tuned into my problems sleeping. I hadn’t said anything, but she felt that I was not sleeping through the night. She was right. I couldn’t get thoughts out of my head and my dreams turned into nightmares—which would wake me up! She told me within a few weeks that it would fix itself. In mid-January, I was sleeping like a baby!

Part way through the reading Tatiana surprised me by telling me that I still suffer from feeling that I’m not good enough. She was right! I thought I had hidden that fairly well. She went on to say that meditating on being a beautiful being will help. Slowly, I can see the results of this work. I realize now that my efforts are more than enough. So I’ve relaxed a bit.

Tatiana was able to connect to me as an individual, connect to my soul and get past the façade I show everyone. It was nice that someone could voice some of the concerns that I had and give it a face. The tools she recommended were very helpful in moving forward. It was a great reading and I look forward to talking with her again soon!

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One thought on “Psychic Tatiana Taps into Your Soul

  1. Eric Knighton

    I have had several readings with Tatiana with regard to my career goals, family and financial situations. I have to say that in all of my readings with her it is very relaxing and conforting, just as if I were speaking to a long distance friend. She touches on the critical aspects of what I may be feeling at the moment and provides that reassurance that things will be okay. I have come to realize that sometimes its okay to hear that things are fine from someone else. It doesn’t mean that I don’t have the confidence within myself.

    I had been struggling with a new job that I have taken on and after speaking with her she saw the successes that were to come. I am in sales and so meeting my financial goals is very important in my job. She predicted the months that things would pick up for me and also assured me of the confidence my employer has in me. Things have been going really well, just as she said. The effort that I have put in motion as she put it would pay off in a short amount of time. Some might say that I should know this, but to be honest all signal were pointing downward at the time I had been talking to her. Things had gotten really bad in the sales territory that I was given. A key customer that makes up 30% of my sales had dropped off to zero. I knew that making up the difference was going to be a daunting task. She saw it getting better and her reassurance gave me that little bit of extra strength to keep pressing on when I felt hopeless.

    She is really a pleasure to speak to because she is a motivator and even though she may not know you personally she provides readings to you with a sense that she truly cares about your well being. After every reading with her I feel totally renewed. This is not just because of her reading, but because she listens and her intentions are truly spiritially motivated.

    I am glad to get to know her. She is really good!!

    Eric Knighton


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