The Psychic Tarot: April 5 – 11

The Psychic Tarot: April 5-11 | California Psychics

The Power of Tarot

Welcome, and thanks for joining me!

During this time of “distancing” and fear, it’s great to have alternative ways to communicate, isn’t it? And, John Holland, creator of “The Psychic Tarot”, understands telepathy and communicating with other realms like few others.

You probably are already acquainted with John Holland. As a world class Medium, he has lectured, taught, and given readings internationally for over twenty years.

I love this deck he created because he brings forward newer and deeper meanings out of the traditional tarot framework, informed by his many years of experience communicating with the spirit world. His innovative designs, which includes seven Chakra cards within the deck, strike at the core emotions common to all humans.

The images are contemporary and imaginative. He has given the individual cards new names, based on what emotion they represent in the human experience.

So, join me in the cyber-spirit dimension now, and let’s explore The Psychic Tarot together to see what the week ahead has in store!

April 5 – Sunday

Rest and Rejuvenate (Four of Swords)

This card says that it is time to work on your “foundation”. The card says to rest, rejuvenate, meditate and, maybe even withdraw. You’ll be wielding your sword again soon, don’t worry. The Swords are the suit of mental action.

The card pictures a man alone in a deep wood, meditating against a tree. He is alone but doesn’t look lonely. He’s communicating with Spirit, nature, and his deeper self. His palm is extended outward to receive what the Divine gives him. He rejoices in connected solitude. We are being told to do the same today.

April 6 – Monday

Moving On (Six of Swords)

I don’t see a physical journey for us this week. This card now means a spiritual journey. We are set to leave the past behind. The card is saying there is light at the end of the tunnel. A difficult cycle is coming to a close. It suggests, also: expect more unexpected change. A good “Plan B” would be an excellent idea.

Just remember that we’re always being guided by benevolent entities who love us.

April 7 – Tuesday

Light (The Sun)

No matter what is happening around us, prosperity and joy are on their way! Life is renewing today on many levels. Each of us will be shining light to others today in a challenging situation. Our vision will be better in the sun’s light! By consciously conjuring positive thoughts and joyful memories we’ll see a path forward.

April 8 – Wednesday

Solitude (The Hermit)

Solitude…again? I guess so. Your soul is calling out. Discover the wisdom and answers within. Follow your inner promptings, one at a time. Talk to your soul. Let it infuse you with love and vitality. A message of incredible depth will come to you from Spirit, if you’re willing to hear it in solitude.

April 9 – Thursday

Emotional Withdrawal (Eight of Cups)

Like the four of Swords, this card is about retreat. But, a big difference here! Now, you are clear about what you are going towards, not just away from. Even if it’s a long journey, the card says begin it today.

You are making a definite departure from something which made you unhappy and now the world is opening up for you. The possibilities seem almost infinite, but what you settle on will be something you are passionate about.

April 10 – Friday

Power (Strength)

Spiritual strength wins today! The card is saying to overcome darkness with light and love in an important situation that arises. Healing energy flows abundantly. You will be called upon to extend it to others, and will be ready to do so. Overcome brute force with the light of love and understanding. We are being asked to attempt a heroic level of forgiveness today. That will be the measure of our true spirituality.

April 11 – Saturday

Rejoice in Celebration (Three of Cups)

A time of celebration and new life surrounds the atmosphere you’re in! The energy of love is with you now. You will be sharing happiness and gratitude with family and friends, including the furry ones. Something larger than ourselves takes over the day. It’s a time for harvesting seeds of joy and togetherness.

A Fun Spread to Try: The Evolving Worlds Spread

This is a fantastic spread for when you have to choose between multiple situations, all with varying outcomes. It answers the question “What will I encounter if I make this choice versus this choice. If you have more choices than that I say more power to you! It’s an embarrassment of blessings!

But, every situation seems to present some obstacles and requires some price in terms of sacrifice, expense, or effort. So, it’s good to contemplate the “costs” and “benefits” of every changing situation.

This is a fairly complex spread which examines three possible courses of action, an obstacle belonging to each, and the probable outcome of each of the three pathways.

Doing the Reading:

Shuffle the deck well and concentrate on the choices you have before you. When you are ready, draw nine cards randomly from the deck and lay them out as follows:

3 6 9   (Outcome row)

2 5 8   (Obstacle row)

1 4 7   (Course of action)

Example: Cards one, two, and three, read bottom to top, explore an option. Cards four, five, and six explore another. Cards seven, eight, and nine explore a third choice.

Casey is considering three possible living situations at the present time and wants to make a decision that will work best for her. She wonders if she should move in with John, or with Michael, or continue living alone.

Here is what she asks:

Choice One:

Card 1- “What will happen if I move in with John?”

Card 2- “What obstacles will surface if I do?”

Card 3- “What will ultimately happen if I do?”

Choice Two:

 Card 4- “Should I continue to live alone and just date different people?”

Card 5- “What are the obstacles to my happiness in that situation?”

Card 6- “What is the outcome of this choice?”

Choice Three:

Card 7- “Should I move in with Michael?”

Card 8- “What are the obstacles to living with Michael?”

Card 9- “What is the outcome if I live with Michael, instead of John or by myself?”

By doing this spread she will get a glimpse into three probable realities and can choose the one she likes the best, or come up with other options, if none of them seem good to her.

Thanks for joining me today. See you again!

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