Animal Tarot: December 1 – 7

Animal Tarot: December 1-7 | California Psychics

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These cards are the result of a delicious collaboration between Doreen Virtue, Radleigh Valentine, and illustrator, Dan Craig. They explore how the animal kingdom has so much to teach us, if we only stop, notice, and contemplate.

The tarot deck’s creators state that animals are sent to us in times of need to heal and help us, somewhat like angels! If a particular type of animal keeps showing up in our week, it means we need to stop and get the message they bring to us. They could be guides for this particular juncture in our lives, just as humans sometimes are, whether in physical or spirit form.

As the holidays heat up, let’s focus together on what we individually most need to know about the energy contained in the week ahead! Join me as I open the cards. Let’s see what we discover.

December 1 – Sunday

Queen of Winter (Swords)

This queen is a leopard perched languorously on a tree branch. There is no sword in the picture but her expression lets us know her intention. She says to us: Cut cords with those who bring more drama than happiness into our lives. Ditto, for objects in our homes which add more clutter than joy or usefulness. Sometimes this can be vague, like situations that just don’t work for us anymore. Sometimes, it isn’t clear what’s not working, but something isn’t. Why do we feel compelled to hang inside of a negative situation until we can discover how and why it’s wrong for us? The leopard queen confronts us with a direct and mirror-like expression. It is the moment of truth.

Leopards live in an environment where they have to change directions on a dime. They trust their instincts and are powerful, swift, and intelligent. They give us permission to be the same way. Let’s hear her speak to us today.

December 2 – Monday


This card is about knowing our purpose and where we’re going. Are we at the successful end of a cycle? What constitutes success for each of us? Our pictured Shetland Sheep dog loves his job and loves to work, so he’s a great success! His batons for “fetch” are at his feet and are silver and gold. The wreathe he stands inside is dotted with multicolored butterflies who trust him enough to alight close to him. His eyes are serene and joyful. He asks us today: What accomplishments do you feel happy and calm about? Which aren’t worth the effort and stress?

December 3 – Tuesday


The elephant pictured on the card reassures us that ultimately cosmic justice will take place for each of us. We may be feeling a situation is “unfair” but all the ballots aren’t in. From the finite perspective it is hard to see the outcome of either “good” or “bad” events. From the eternal perspective, however, we can trust in the benevolence of Higher Power and the Universe! Elephants are compassionate and loyal. They have been known to risk themselves in order to save a member of the herd. Who is the good “elephant” in our situations today? How can we honor them?

December 4 – Wednesday


This is a time to forgive and go forward. As a transformation card, it tells us that it is time for a fresh start in a very major way! The card is associated with Pluto, the god of the underworld. He’s the catalyst for absolutely inexorable transformation and change in astrology. This card is called Judgment in the traditional deck, and although judgment in the general context is frequently an unskillful response to something we don’t understand, this card is a sign of something extremely positive. By not delaying the inevitable we are making a positive change happen for us. Let go of that draining situation. You know which one it is!

December 5 – Thursday

Five of Summer (Cups)

A dragonfly lands on a sunflower. Is it sucking nectar from the flower’s center? The card tells us that extracting good from every situation and staying positive will bring sweetness into our lives. Higher Power loves us and always has our greatest good in mind. The dragonfly on this card tells us to respond to challenges as she does. She flies all directions and is brilliant and flexible. Let’s play at being dragonflies today!

December 6 – Friday

Seven of Spring (Wands)

The Seven of Spring tells us to trust inner guidance. A spring green Gecko lizard frolics on an ivy covered wall, enjoying his obstacle course in the sun. In traditional tarot imagery this card pictures a young person fighting bravely with only a flowering branch for protection. He feels beleaguered and worn out by the challenges assailing him. Geckos, however, shed skin, and even their tails, to escape predators! Geckos are considered good luck in many cultures because they have the ability to communicate with sounds, climb vertically, and dash over any obstacle, if the circumstances call for it. They ask us: How can we better embody the resilience of Gecko lizards today?

December 7 – Saturday

Six of Winter (Swords)

In this picture, a mixed-breed “shelter” cat catches a fair wind and sails to better shores. Though times have been challenging, they are now behind her, and she looks hopefully forward to her destination. On the literal level, this card can mean relocation. It is time to make exciting new plans! Rescue cats have found a new home and create new lives for themselves. The cats with nine lives are legendary. Literally, it may be a great time to rescue a cat or, maybe, rescue ourselves and each other! Let’s ask: Can I let go today, and really accept and embrace something better?

A  Fun Spread to try:

Tirage En Croix- (Cross Print)

This is a four card spread in a cross print. It is a simple spread, but can be surprisingly profound. The key is to not rush through your interpretation!

Card 1 is you, the Questioner. What is the card telling you about the role you play in this situation?

Card 2 is the Outer World. What are the external forces and reactions, good and bad, which will come up to confront you surrounding this issue?

Card 3 is the Tarot’s advice. What is the best action you could take on this issue?

Card 4 is the destiny of the situation. What will actually happen here? How will things end up?

Shuffle the deck thoroughly while contemplating your question. Spread the cards face down on a table. Select 4 cards randomly, while continuing to concentrate on the issue at hand. Arrange them as follows:

Card 1- Top, middle position

Card 2- Vertically, below it in the bottom position

Card 3- Horizontally, to the left of these two cards

Card 4-Horizontally, to the right of cards 1 and 2

Nice having you with me! See you again.

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