Psychic Picks for May 2013: Tarot Readers

Our Top Tarot Readers

The Tarot is one very powerful tool used by many of our psychics. The Tarot allows a psychic to see your situation from a unique perspective. The images and meanings of each Tarot card can help a psychic hone in on what they are sensing. Some psychics use Tarot to confirm what they already know. Others use it as a way to get more details. The Tarot can help a psychic quickly get up to speed on your situation whether it’s love, job, partner or money issues. And here are a few of our top Tarot readers:

Psychic Ben ext. 5772

To begin, he will engage with you to open your connection and establish the right track for your spiritual journey, so please share your name and date of birth. You may notice that he talks to the cards and Spirit when he seeks information on your behalf. Ben uses the Ryder-Waite Tarot and numerology to interpret the Wheel of Fortune card and give more specifics regarding timing as well as add context to events in your life. This deck is widely known for it’s beautiful, yet straightforward imagery, so the readings with Ben will give you the clear answers you’re seeking. Ready to remove the doubt about an issue? Allow Ben to use his Tarot skills to help you see more clearly.

Psychic Marilyn ext. 5364

Marilyn specializes in destiny and life path readings. She’s clairaudient, clairvoyant, an empath and a medium who listens to callers’ voices to trigger her abilities. Often she’ll feel a caller’s emotions, and her Spirit Guides fuel her with answers. Her vivid mind paints pictures of every client’s situation. To assist with these mental portraits, she uses numerology, Tarot, and Astrology to fill in the details. “I hope people find the beauty in truth and use it to move forward in their lives,” she says. Are you ready to know the truth? Get a Tarot reading from Psychic Marilyn today.

Psychic Effie ext. 5805

Effie always begins with her Tarot cards. Please share your name and birthday at the top of the reading while she shuffles her deck. She will invoke the guidance of Spirit while also empathically honing in on your vocal vibrations. She enjoys answering questions, though they are not necessary because she can provide general readings. A compassionate reader, Effie specializes in emotional issues. Time to break through an emotionally-charged issue? Get a powerful Tarot reading from Psychic Effie and find that breakthrough you’re looking for.

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