Your Weekend Horoscope: Plant Seeds for Prosperity

Plant Seeds for Prosperity

Your Weekend Horoscope

A clash between discursive Mars in Gemini and dogmatic Saturn in Sagittarius brings an air of tension on Friday, especially for the mutable signs—Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces—as conflicting ideologies impede progress. Sunday’s New Moon in earthy Taurus encourages everyone to make a fresh start and to plant new seeds for prosperity. Here’s your weekend horoscope!

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Despite your forceful communication, it won’t convince someone to bend the rules to accommodate you. Save your breath and search for an alternative. Sunday’s New Moon encourages you to pursue new paths for prosperity. No matter what your financial state is now, you can still make a fresh start.


Money matters need to be managed with care. Forcing your agenda is not likely to work out in your favor, as you don’t have the support you need. Allow time for things to shift. The New Moon in your sign enhances your personal power and invites you to set fresh intentions for the year ahead.


Your weekend horoscope indicates that your energy might be too aggressive for a partner’s liking which, in turn, causes him or her to hold his ground. A softer approach is required in order to get what you want. Sunday’s New Moon calls for relaxation and a retreat from daily affairs.


Frustration ensues when you are not recognized for your efforts. Doing more only brings more irritation. Better to give things a rest for now. Sunday’s New Moon encourages you to enjoy time with a close friend or to participate in a group activity. Socializing will bring the support you need.


You are intent on having your way and this interferes with your ability to be a team player. If you are not in the mood to collaborate then you are better off doing your own thing. Sunday’s New Moon highlights your career and encourages you to consider where you want to take things from here.


Your weekend horoscope shows tremendous ambition and the motivation to pursue your professional goals. However, responsibilities on the home front may prevent you from focusing on your career. Sunday’s New Moon invites you to pursue an experience that allows you to grow and will fulfill your yearning for adventure.


You are prepared to fight for something that you believe in. However, your zeal is not likely to change someone else’s opinion about the matter at hand. It’s not what you say, but what you do that will inspire others. The New Moon brings sexuality to the forefront and invites you to fulfill you most intimate needs.


A dispute over shared resources or a problem pertaining to debts could put a crimp in your cash flow. Both lending and borrowing could be a source of trouble now. The New Moon highlights committed partnerships and invites you take a romance to the next level. Business partnerships are also favored.


A partner, either personal or professional, may attempt to coerce you into doing something that you don’t want to do. Despite his or her fervor, you will hold your ground. The New Moon, in your house of health and work, encourages a fresh start in diet and exercise regimens. It also opens the door to a potential, new work opportunity.


In an effort to overcome a deep-seated insecurity, you are working hard to prove your proficiency at a certain task. This can be frustrating. Strive to make the change from the inside out. The New Moon, in your house of pleasure, encourages you to seek joy in romance and creative pursuits.


Your weekend horoscope shows a desire to have fun on your own and participate in more solitary activities. However, your responsibilities to a friend or a group that you belong to might have to come first. Sunday’s New Moon lights up your domestic sector, encouraging you to make new plans pertaining to home and family.


A conflict between domestic duties and professional obligations may put you between a rock and a hard place. Chances are that events on the home front are more pressing and need your attention. Sunday’s New Moon highlights communication. Find a way to share your personal story with the world.

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