What Love Looks Like

Our Psychics Tell Us How to Spot Real Love

What does love look like? We sat down with our psychics to find out what they thought, and got some incredible answers that threw great light on the topic!

Uli Ext. 9771: Walk Your Talk

A fellow worker on a project said to me, “Actions speak louder than words.” This has helped me tremendously. “Walk the talk” is my motto ever since. It has helped me to let go and move on without feeling I left something on the table.

Josslyn Ext. 5470: Love Has a Bad Memory

The best piece of love advice I have recently read (from a daily empowerment email by Neal Donald Walsh) apparently was said by Ingrid Bergman: “Happiness is good health and a bad memory.” During my readings, my guides have helped me re-phrase that brilliant quote to help those that are especially love afflicted as I remind them that love is not only happiness enjoyed with good health but really does include a forgetful (bad) memory. You see, we all have been hurt or disappointed by someone. And I speak to so many that just want to ease the pain and hurt and get back to being in love. Even I have been there—it’s hard to not misunderstand someone you love when they may do something dumb or not call in a while. Yet, we all have a choice: to suffer or let that act of bad behavior be just a forgetful memory. Painful events happen. It’s how we choose to hang on or let go of those events that helps us stay stuck in pain or return back to love. My bad, or rather forgetful, memory of mine helps me return back to love by letting stuff go and letting myself love. Allowing myself to be happy and in turn, to be healthy.

Nevaeh Ext. 5203: You Can’t Help Who You Love

Paul Newman said, “You really can’t help who you love. I love her everything.” This was so sincere. Paul Newman said this about Joanne Woodward when I asked, “How did you know you were in love?” He said it tenderly with those big blue eyes that had tears in them. What he said to me made me believe that we can’t help who we love, and it comes naturally. We can’t force it. I learned that being in love does have so much power, and I wanted Paul Newman!

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