Psychic Tajah: Past Life Overlays

Who You Used to be is Who You are

You know where you get your looks from. Perhaps you have your mother’s eyes, or your father’s hair color. What about your personality traits? Maybe someone said you have your grandfather’s sense of humor or your grandmother’s fiery temper. We know that both physical traits and personality traits are passed down from generation to generation, but not all traits or characteristics are inherited from your relatives, according to Psychic Tajah ext. 5732.

Some characteristics are inherited from your previous lifetimes and they’re called past life overlays. Past life overlays are aspects of our previous lifetimes that develop, influence and help tailor our characteristics and personality. Some examples of past life events that cause overlays in your current life include: social or historical events you witnessed or took part in, passing too early in a previous life or family clans that come back together to handle some unfinished business. These experiences shape your likes and dislikes, your habits and even your idiosyncrasies. Tajah says, “It’s like a pyramid. All the forces come together to a point and make up one incarnation (you).”

What are Your Obsessions?

If you want to know if you’re experiencing any past life overlays, just take a few moments and think about any obsessions you have. Do you like to collect certain things? If you do, why do you like to collect them? What drew you to the first item in your collection and what compels you to collect even more?

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Here’s a personal example. I love pens. I have always loved pens. I am very particular about my pens. I like medium point pens with gel ink. I like pens with caps and click pens. I like certain brands of pens. Recently, I went through all the pens in my apartment, tested them and then sequestered the ones I liked in a large container on my desk. I even told my husband that these were my pens. He’s free to use any other pen in the apartment, but not the pens on my desk. I never knew why I loved pens so much until I talked to Tajah.

Tajah said my pen obsession is a perfect example of past life overlays and here’s why: When I was a teenager, my mother was in my bedroom looking for a pen and when she opened my top desk drawer, she saw my pen collection. It freaked her out, and when she asked me why I had so many pens, I told her I just liked pens. Then she told me about my great grandfather (whom I never met) and his pen collection. My mother has a very clear memory from her childhood of visiting her grandfather in his apartment in Hollywood, CA, and opening his desk and finding his pen collection. He kept all of his pens in the top drawer too. She thought it was “weird” that I could have the same pen obsession (down to how the pens were stored) as someone I have never met. But it’s not “weird.” It makes so much sense, psychically. Tajah said that my great grandfather and I share the same soul, so it makes sense that he and I share a love for pens. This is my past life overlay.

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What’s Your Lives’ Work?

Past life overlays aren’t just about personality quirks. They can also give us hope, explain our drive and help us understand ourselves better. You’ve heard of “life’s work,” right? Well according to Tajah, it’s more like “lives’ work.” In each new lifetime we pick up where we left off in the previous lifetime. She explains, “There is no reason to feel like life is wasted because every lifetime contributes to the next.” If you never got around to climbing Mt. Everest or finishing that novel you started, you will have the chance to do it again.

Past life overlays could also explain why you have such a strong drive to accomplish something in this life. Tajah shares, “When you understand why you have a drive you can finish it with a feeling that has no inhibitions. You can bring it to fruition or its conclusion.” Now you know why some people seem so ambitious.

Know Your History!

Knowing about past life overlays also helps to create a dialogue with family members and passes down family history. It makes you curious about those who came before you. I would have never known about my great grandfather’s pen obsession if my mother hadn’t discovered my own collection.

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3 thoughts on “Psychic Tajah: Past Life Overlays

  1. Tracy

    Thanks for the interesting article, I find this subject very fascinating. I would like to read more on this subject. I really would like a past life reading but the funds are low and my expenses are high right now. I collect anything with hearts on it or anything heart shaped and I don’t know of anyone else in the family with the same obsession. Thanks again, I will look forward to reading tomorrow’s horoscope and posts that you send me.

  2. Elizabeth

    Goodness gracious, this could explain a lot about me and my two growing collections I have going on right now! The next time I have plenty of funds to talk, Tajah, I’ll have to request a past life reading! Great article! 🙂


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