Date and Love a Taurus

The Passionate Bull

There’s only one way to win Taurus’ favor and that is by just being you. The bull can spot a phony as if they were a toreador waving a red flag, only instead of charging towards that person, they’ll run in the other direction. Taureans are no more stubborn and bullheaded than anyone else; they can actually be quite flexible if they choose to be.

Dating a Taurus

The bull in a china shop story is a myth, for a Taurus would never be found in any old china shop, unless it was exquisitely exclusive and carried only top-of-the-line china. However, if their pocketbooks don’t match their taste, they do adapt easily to living within their means. Yes, they have impeccable taste and that is especially true when it comes to finding a date or a mate. Actually they’d only date someone they saw as a potential mate since they do not go for frivolity. They enter relationships with the hope that they’ve chosen well so that their dreams of “together forever” will come true.

Love and the Taurus Woman

Taurus women are passionate powerhouses with a hearty appetite for romance equal only to their love of fine cuisine and expensive items. You’d actually never know this to just look at them since they are so adept at keeping it all inside until someone special catches their eye and they decide to unleash their passionate feelings and turn them into hours of exploratory  sensual togetherness that the recipient is not soon to forget. They love the finer things in life and they want the finest that a union of love can offer. Be flattered if they set their sights on you. It means you are a very special and unique person—a Taurus girl would choose no less.

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Love and the Taurus Man

Taurus men tend to be physically bold and broad shouldered and even if not, they still have a presence about them. The strength they possess though is nothing compared to the strength of their belief in true love and “happily ever after.” Once you’ve entered into the love arena with a Taurus man, be prepared for him to show you his passionate side—a side that may even surprise you. The term “ravenous lover” was no doubt first said while describing the Taurus man (or woman for that matter). They love the connection.

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A true love relationship with a Taurus simmers slowly, building up heat as their confidence grows and they are sure that you feel the depth of love and togetherness that they do because they want love to last. Both Taurus men and women have much to offer in the ways of dating and loving and sexual adventures and they will cross hell or high water to give those they love the same comforts in life they desire for themselves. Whatever level of comfort they enjoy, they enjoy it to the maximum. To date and love a Taurus is a truly sensual, enjoyable experience.

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34 thoughts on “Date and Love a Taurus

  1. Wandering

    The taurus guy that I had been in contact with is very different than what you describe above. He asked me twice if I like him , I said yes to both times. He was lame enough to reply that, “you are under too much stress right now and I don’t want to be any part of it”. Yet, still called me almost every 2 days, complained that he is still single and that he is still looking for his future wife. I should have known. He led me to believe that he likes me genuinely and that he has been waiting for me. He dragged me on like this for almost a year till I’m fed up and decided to let go. Part of it is my fault as well and I only have myself to blame for that. Lesson learned!!! Lots of good things have started to come into my life since then. So much less stress. Thanks God, I was able to get rid of him…I was so blinded before

  2. Troy Cancer

    Im really confused cause i do believe that my man of 10 years is and has cheated on me more than a few times i can feel it i know like i know like i know

  3. Tall Joe

    My first Taurus woman and what is written is true…I feel so special she has chosen this Leo…being myself is all she wants….a most wonderful kind and beautiful person …cares so much for her fellow humans and animals. And loving life…

  4. karel

    To The “Cancerian” … This is What is Called… MEN.. some good some bad.. has nothing to do with his “sign”.. look for the REAL SIGNS.. and you will know exactly the kind of MAN you have

  5. Angel

    I found a Taurus man and he is kind, considerate and very
    sympathetic to others including animals. I am a Gemini and we are both true to our sign I wouldn’t trade one hour witrh him for ten years of my life. He’s amazing.

  6. Tabitha

    I am a Virgo female dating a Taurus male and your description of the Taurus male fits him to ‘T’. He is a little stubborn at times but over all is a wonderful partner for me.

  7. judy

    Taurus texted to other women while I was in his bed. Unfaithfulness was normal for him,but was going to marry me
    No more!

  8. bella

    THIS IS 4 is VIRGO,

    I WAS just wondering what YOUR take/= YOUR IN SITE was on or HOW IT would BE with a DOUBLE PARING CAPRICORN mate MATCH -UP ??? Thank You, Bella

  9. Barbara

    My partner of 6 years was not at all how yu described him. He turned out to be lying and conniving and an opportonists when he found that there was nothing more to be had. He hurt me deeply, specially when he started trolling the internet for other women, which he denied. Then it took him months of leading me on before he “decided” to inform me that he found someone new. No reasons were given. I hate him with a passion and told him that he bad negative Karma would be his undoing. He was and still is my soul mate, therefore I know.

  10. cancerian

    my boyfnd is tarus and i can not judge, his mood changes at once and its hurt me badly, he wants and meet me when he want and when i want to meet him there is no responce from him

  11. virgo

    This one is for Angie,
    Yes there Angie both Taurus and Virgo wether in a relationship, friendship or for what ever other reason or purpose you would get along with extremely well as the same as the other two sun sign personality traits and that is another Taurean like yourself or even a Capricorn but the choice lies equally within yourself and there are also another (2) personality traits that you will also get along well with and they are from the water Element or the water signs and they are either a Piscean or a Pisces or a Cancerian or a Cancer but over all your better bet would lie within the Earth Elements of that of a Virgo or a Taurus like yourself or a Capricorn as this would give you a much better value of understanding and far more greater empathy than your (2) water Sign personality traits all because that on the water element side of things they are very immaterialistic upon where on the Earth element side of things we are very materialistic as these are just some of the minor differences that we have between the Earth and the Water signs of our Zodiac, but the choice mainly lies within yourself as this is just some advice for you to just to consider for yourself and that is all well bye for now and have a great day and happy soul searching and the best of British of which ever endeavour you choose, bye for now.

  12. virgo

    This one is for Sarah,
    Yes there Sarah I do agree as the two male Taureans that you have shared experiences with, with, your current one as well as your previous one yes they would be different only because they were born on two different birth dates and therefore have different planetary configurations under there birth charts and therefore you have two different Taurean personality traits and yes they are two different people but you are tending to forget that the common traits of any given Taurean wether female/male do not change as it is only the mind tat does but the traits of that particular sun sign of Taurus never do but it is something that you have now realised and especially with your current Taurean partner, but Sarah let me tell you this and that is once a Taurean always a Taurean and as I had stated in one of my blogs before you within California psychics that I am glad that use have that stubbornness within use and your obnoxious ways for what ever reason as this makes use and helps use to make the right decisions within your very own personal lives as I have two sons as Taureans and I would never ever trade them for the world as I appreciate there values and there ways of practicality of common sense as to me there is nothing wrong with any given Earth Sign but providing that they know on who they really and truly are and respect that way on how they are but its just that your previous partner did not know on who that he was really and did not and therefore did not really understand nor appreciate for what you was like towards him as a very beautiful and a very strong volatile partner as your previous relationship with him would have worked out quite well but it was only through lack of understanding between the two of you as use were most probably way too stubborn to really see your very own true virtues well bye for now and take care and god bless and the best of British. Your Virgo Friend.

  13. Sarah

    I am a Taurus and so is my current boyfriend, and I actually thought this article was dead-on, for my current experience at least. I had been with my most recent ex for almost 6yrs, who was also a Taurus, but I couldn’t stand him and it obviously didn’t work; can’t even stand to hear his voice even now. However, I’ve known my current boyfriend before I met my previous boyfriend; we barely got together this January, I moved in with him after less than one month, and I still get butterflies around him; I’ve never been happier! So it’s true… People shouldn’t depend on signs because my ex and current boyfriend share my sign, but the relationships I had/have with them are two different worlds.

    1. Allen

      This is true people depend far do much on what sign they are dating. more Importantly than that Life Experience Makes a Person who they are..

  14. rachel

    I am a Taurus Woman, I am a very stubborn person but very very passionate. I am alone at this time and I am ok with myself, but I long to be in a relationship with someone. My problem is: I am not good at finding them. When I am in a relationship, the man I date is my world. I shower him with attention and love, etc, but if he doesn’t return that to me, he is history. I am super down to earth and would love to find someone like me. Just don’t know where to look. LOLLOL But I do fit all the Taurus traits listed. Thank you for your time.

  15. Leona

    Thanks a million LJ for your response!
    I am dating Mr. Taurus and do find traits I cannot live with. I have already made a decision on leaving him. He is not right for me. I just questioned what a true Taurus is and whether childhood experiences have a factor in it. I decided to just describe what I see. You did answer my question, I thank you. You are right, the best relationships take little work, but mine with Mr. Taurus takes hard work. I do see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for your blessings!

  16. LJ

    Dear Readers: Thanks for all your comments – they help me see the world through a 360 degree lens and I appreciate that. As for everyone who doesn’t agree with me about their Taurus, I just want to remind you that there’s more to a person than just their Sun sign – sometimes you’re seeing their rising sign as the prominent sign (the face they show the world) and especially with Taurus, getting to the mushy center takes a little time, a little trust and yes, even the best relationships take a little work. If, like Miss Laina, you’re dating someone you see as “obnoxious,” my only question is … “Why are you dating them?” If someone is not adding depth to your life, if they take away something from you – a feeling of security, inspiration, the ability to discover the deeper part of a relationship – then you are doing yourself a disservice – don’t you deserve someone who adds to your life or enhances it somehow? Of course you do. You’re wasting your time by being unhappy or staying in a relationship that’s not right for you. Find someone you can love and you’ll be a happier person – even being alone is better than being in a relationship that just isn’t working for you. I send you all many blessings,
    Thanks – LJ

  17. michelle barker

    Yes taurus i am getting the feeling there is a switch time whenever i see myself acting more like my sister (Scorpio) maybe there is some personality changes at so many months or i am just plain chicken shit to tell my mate that i can not get attracted to him because he sleeps with other people like a double life, i just realized that im speaking swaheely. big difference between men taurus and women, myself, i would seem prissy and insecure at times then bubbley and full of loving energy, then back to aloner stubborn and unbendable no matter whats going on im usually focused on the man in my life, so that where the possessiveness comes in what does he want with other people when he has me?

  18. Hmmm..

    I was married to a Taurus man for 22 years. In retrospect, it truly was all about him and what he wanted. There wasn’t room for me in that relationship. He did not understand why I would have any ideas other than what he thought, and why I would be upset when he ignored what I wanted or needed or asked for, in the bedroom or anywhere else. Constantly bullying, lying to me, cheating on me, setting me up, neglecting and verbally abusive to me and our kids. Charming as all get out to other women. He eventually admitted he did what ever he could to get me, not because he loved me but because I would be a good mother to his children.

  19. virgo

    The Taurean wether male/female are and have a very sensuous soul, as they are very and extremely down to earth well as we all know that they are the fixed organiser of the earth element, and yes it might be true that they do carry a few negative traits but doesn’t every body I mean to me it is good to be stubborn and all of the other traits that the Taurean male/female carries and it’s only because that they like to make sure that they are making the right and correct decisions within there life and there is nothing that is wrong with that and in other words what I am saying here is this and that is one should look at ones self before looking upon others and especially when it comes to each and every body’s personal traits in other words your very own sun sign because if every single person that lies upon our earth that knew of there very own sun sign or personality trait the whole world would be a much better and wonderful place to live on for all, as for instance mental illness would not even exist because the given soul of that particular personality trait would be so much happy within themselves that mental illness like bi-polar, or the commonly known thing as ADHD or ADD for instance would not even exist wether an adult or a child as it is a question of knowing who we are and what are our main purposes are we doing here on earth and once you discover that particular problem then life in time becomes a beautiful thing as there would be no wars no famine or no poverty if we all knew and understood things about ourselves, so please do not go bagging other peoples flaws or negative ways as we must work on the positives and not the negatives, like yes use might have had a distasteful relationship or there might be something that you might not like about it but come on nobody is perfect, but just remember this and that is that we are only human and human beings always make mistakes and also remember this that no science no matter what it is, is, not perfect either wether it be pathology, biology, sociology etc as life is about learning and forgiving and not about nit picking, but there is one more other thing and that is that the Taurean soul is designed for the earth bound element or that of the solid ground people that are either a Virgo a Taurean like themselves or a Capricorn, I just don’t know on how many times that I have placed these things on California psychics to try and help people to understand themselves but we are all individuals and we make the choices of ourselves so therefore California psychics tries and helps people and it is just advice from one psychic to another but if you are seeking advice well take it on board for yourselves but if not well use your very own discretion for what you think for yourself, like California psychics is just an advice line for which is trying to help use resolve your problems or issues but at the end of the day your life is within your hands so make the best of it, but please remember this and that is that no science is perfect s there will always be some kind of error formed, well bye for now and the best of British and god bless and have a wonderful day too everyone.

  20. Leona

    I am dating a Taurus for a Couple months. His traits differ considerably from that of a Taurus you describe! He is obnoxious, stubborn, bold, controlling, pessimistic, obsessive, possessive, clingy, temperamental, yet, loves like no other. Sorta sensual, and not slow to relationships! Our relationship started out quite quickly and his determination to marry makes him impatient.

    Could a persons personality by astro sign change from childhood experiences?

  21. Mark J.Malin

    I`m disappointed with the 3 readings that I had with Reed.Nothing came true concerning the woman I wanted.I wasn`t going to go to another psychic and pay more money.It`s not right for me to ask for help and wind up with nothing.I know that one of the readings was free,but the other 2 were not.I`ll wait to hear from you.Thank you for reading this.Hope to hear from you.You folks also have my phone number if you`d like to call me.

  22. krystalyn vollmer

    In one of ur things talking about what signs are compatable with leo it was not with aquirious i just dont agree with that all the way from middle school to college i dated a leo and we were very much in love and im a aquirios now im married to a different person that is also a leo

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  24. christopher

    I find your Asrological & Numerology forcast when its comes to matters of love, relationships, sex,carrear, and
    finances is not accurate when it comes to my horoscope.

  25. tanya

    So true! I’m a taurus & I can’t stand phony people & will only date a guy who is real & down to earth. Also I don’t like a relationship to start too fast. I want to be friends first.

  26. HELEN


  27. Cyndarella

    I am dating a Taurus and have been for a little over a year. Wonderful, considerate and caring. And yes they are slow to the gate, because they want to be sure you are the one. I love that as a Libra I get to be myself and he loves that about me as I do him as well..All in all I can say this is a good and loving relationship. I am happy that we met, I knew on the first date he was going to be special. After all he was a Charming Prince through out that evening.

  28. edwrd



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