Psychic Q&A: Married but Living Apart

Psychic Q&A: Married but Living Apart

She’s Lonely for Her Husband in West Africa

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I’m married but living apart from my husband who is a good man from West Africa. I live in the UK. My husband is not working right now because he is waiting for a job to materialize. Finding a job in the UK is out of the question for him because he can’t move to the UK to live with me and I don’t earn enough to support the both of us. I miss my husband so much. Can you tell me if I will end up moving to West Africa to live with him? We’ve been husband and wife for five years and we can’t go on living apart.


Psychic Kallista ext. 9623 responds:

Dear Shirley,

I know this is very stressful for you both. Being married but living apart makes you miss each other so much it hurts. Anyone reading this who can’t be with their love due to circumstances beyond their control knows exactly how you feel. But I can see there is hope. Even though you may feel blocked from moving to West Africa right away due to a number of concerns—especially your concern about money—you will be able to do so sooner than you think. I’m happy to say that during the next few months things will open up and you will have what you need to make this move. You’ve waited long enough, but please just wait a little longer.

I am happy to see that your husband will land a job between now and late April or early May. Soon enough, you will no longer have to endure time apart. He will be ecstatic to have you in his arms again and I am sure you will be just as ecstatic as he is. You two will build a good life in West Africa if you just go to him, Shirley. There’s so much to experience and it will be a fresh start for both of you. You’ll be so happy you did. Trust me.

May you have joy and happiness always,


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  1. Brianna Connelly

    Me and my boyfriend been on & off for 4 years and 2 years we have been on and doing great. We have been together 6 years altogether and just had our first son last year in May 2017. We dont live together but do see each other everyday. Can u tell me what my future holds with this man ? Are we going to be together for more years to come? Maybe have another baby in the future? Does this man really love me or is he just in it for the kids? I need help please!!


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