Psychic Shauna: Feng Shui Tips for Happiness

Feng shui is not just a cool thing to say when someone asks about your decorating. The power and energy of feng shui really can effect the way we feel.

Tips for a Happy, Clear Mind

Remember three words when thinking about feng shui: brightness, spaciousness and shapes. These rearrange and attract positive energy, called chi (or the Dragon’s Cosmic Breath) subliminally and subconsciously. Do you need more advice on how feng shui can effect your life, visit with one of our psychic readers today.

Here are some tips for a happy, clear mind. It all starts with your environment:

1. Clutter kills positive energy and creates confused thought. Think about space.

2. Light energizes. Wear your favorite color, or any of these lucky colors: blue, purple, white, gold, silver, yellow and green.

3.  East is enlightening, while north is power and magnetic realignment.

4. If your mind needs to focus on clarity in a relationship, relax in an eastward position for wisdom, with a flowing water fountain on your right. This will help to cleanse distress and replace it with clear insight.

5. Square-shaped gem stones, crystals and rocks promote harmony. Crystals are love activators and aid in personal growth.

6. Round-shaped metal promotes prosperity and wealth. If that’s your stress, think brass, gold or silver.

7. Water, especially wavy water, like a fountain or aquarium in the living room promotes career success and wealth. A healing bath with healing crystals in the water and fragrant flowers will renew you.

8. To reconstruct your inner energy blueprint and disentangle negative thoughts, choose inspiring, animated pictures, images and symbols.

9. To brighten up your mind, your entryway door should be charming and bright, together with brass wind chimes bringing cheerful energy.

10. Pictures, such as musical dancers, invite happy chi in living areas or going up the stairs, and wall mirrors amplify that reflection.

11. Hexagonal seating (6-sided) in living area attracts agreeable energy, but do not sit under ceiling fans or open beams (sends negative energy).

12. A round dining table encourages abundance. Music adds positive energy.

13. Never put mirrors in the kitchen (they amplify work) and avoid placing the stove directly opposite any water areas. If you do expect arguments and bickering.

14. Plants are symbols of vitality. Your office and dining room will be happy with them.

15. Your home office will activate power and success if you sit facing the door. If you need better thoughts for work, line the entire northwest wall with hanging, metal wind chimes with six to eight hollow rods and you’ll have more ideas and opportunities than you can handle.

16. Your bedroom is sacred. A bed put directly opposite the doorway creates energy sucked out. Add peaceful pictures or pink flowers, especially peonies. They bring self-love, self-healing and new romance!

Using these tips, your feng shui works whether the objects are real or representative, because your subconscious needs a clear picture of what you’re wishing for and what your state of mind will experience. Inviting positive, uplifting images energizes and rearranges your chi!

4 thoughts on “Psychic Shauna: Feng Shui Tips for Happiness

  1. Robin Bednarczyk

    Feng Shui REALLY DOES work! I started using these principals three years ago, and its been bliss ever sense!


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