New Psychics: 4 New Love & Career Advisors

New Advisors With International Insights

These four psychics have recently joined our family, and I wanted to introduce you to them. I wouldn’t want you to miss out on trying a new psychic or getting new insights on an old problem! You can schedule a reading with them (by an appointment or a callback), talk to Customer Service representative who can give you more information or just jump in and call them!

Psychic Sadie ext. 5779

With the help of guides and the spirit world, she looks at your life with great insight. She picks up on your energetic vibrations and asks that you uncross your arms and legs during the reading. She hears messages from her guides and sees important symbols as energy flows through her hands. You may suddenly hear someone coming in from the spirit world who has profound statements to share in a humorous manner. Is it time to let go of that negative energy? Talk with Psychic Sadie ext. 5779 to see what happens when you let it go.


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