Psychic Praises

Psychic Linda ext. 4497

“Linda, I just wanted to say wow! Thank you for enlightening me about my dog Tyson, who has passed almost 3 years come December. I know that he is always with me and he opens doors and sleeps at the bottom of my bed. My husband doesn’t believe me, and yes you are correct he is still in mourning and will never get another dog.”

– Amy, Glassport

Psychic Anasela ext. 5154

“I have been very blessed to have been put in touch with Anasela. I’ve been reading with Anasela for more than six months. I called CP to get some answers (I was working my way out of a very dark time) and was put in touch with a few psychics but the readings (accurate) seemed to be lacking “something.” Finally, it was suggested that maybe I would connect more with the psychic at ext. 5154. Life has been amazing with Anasela guiding me, she found my soulmate.”

– James, Vienna

Psychic Abrielle ext. 9894

“This was my first reading with Abrielle. I was very down after not spending another Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend. Abrielle relayed that due to the weather it would be delayed but that he would make it up sometime during the week. She then informed me that he would commit and ask me to marry him, and without prior knowledge, she gave me an exact day and month. To my surprise it was my birthday! Wow, it can’t be more dead on than that!”

– S.N., Owingsmil

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