How a Psychic Helped a Caller Stand Up to Holiday Stress

Stand Up to Holiday Stress

How to Combat Holiday Stress

Thanksgiving and the holiday season should be the happiest and most rewarding time of the year, because we are sharing this special time with family and the people we love the most. But for many, this time of year is filled with emotional upheaval, stress and disappointment. They often tell themselves this year will be different from the last, and it will be perfect, but this is often not the case. So how do we prepare for this time of the year when we know it’s going to be full of holiday stress? I think the following reading I performed will shed some light.

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Holiday Stress

It was a wet and windy day, and I was in my office taking in the outside world. My phone rang and a soft-spoken, well-educated woman began to share her story with me. She was very distressed about the holidays, and with tears, she told me about all the stressful holidays that came before. She didn’t think she had it in her to host a gathering this year.

Bossy Relatives

I looked at the people in her family in order to pinpoint where her stress was coming from. I focused on her brother and his wife. They always tried to take over the preparations and were bossy. They ordered her around and expected her to create a gathering that was exactly to their tastes. She’d write their instructions down and start to put everything together, but as the holidays approached, her confidence plummeted and she was getting stress headaches. She was crying a lot. Now that she was getting ready to host another holiday event, she was afraid it would be a repeat of the previous years with all that holiday stress.

Taking Her Power Back

Using Tarot and astrology, I searched for the solution. My first suggestion was that she needed to take her power back, as it had eroded over the years. She was hosting the holiday, and that meant she was in charge. She got to pick the decorations and the menu and if she wanted help, she could delegate, but ultimately, everything was up to her. With more confidence, she proceeded to plan her event. She made decisions, planned the menu, sent the invitations, and asked for help when she needed it. Each person invited had a specific task, from decorating the home to food preparation.

A Perfect Day

Everything had worked out. Once my caller decided to take her power back, she found her confidence. Everyone got together, shared food, stories, love and laughter throughout the day. It was the perfect day and she was thankful that I could help her make her holiday dream come true. In fact, things had gone so well that she was looking forward to planning the rest of the holiday season. Her family has new traditions now where everyone pitches in and helps plan and execute their family events. The holiday stress she was feeling is all but gone.

It’s been years since our first reading, and I still get updates from this caller. Now her family holidays are new and improved and they have grown much more loving and tolerant of each other. I am so very glad I was able to help!

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