New Moon in Pisces

Electrifying psychic energy surrounds the New Moon in Pisces starting on March 15, 2010. Conjunctions to enlightening Uranus and brainy Mercury will produce some extraordinary insights, ideas, and opportunities. Actually, this particular New Moon can set you on a whole new path within the next month or so, if you’re seeking a change of direction. But first, you might be propelled out of your comfort zone, so you can see (and take advantage of) the opportunities ahead. It’s never a dull moment with Uranus, the planet of change. Read your Sun and Ascendant Sign below to see how the New Moon is likely to awaken, energize, and change your life.

You may be restless for a complete change of direction during the New Moon in your sign. Your inner genius is being awakened, which can create a new path, if you’re willing to take a risk on a goal you’ve been contemplating. You’re a magnet for sudden opportunities now, which are likely to come through a friend, group, class, trip, or sheer intuition.

Aries: You have the ability to experience a powerful psychic awakening during the New Moon — if you spend some time focusing on your inner life. Daily meditations, if only for a few minutes at a stretch, will heighten your receptivity to spiritual guidance. Delving into the past to eliminate some emotional baggage will clarify your inner direction, too.

Taurus: The New Moon energizes socializing by bringing some unusual, brilliant, or spiritually oriented people into your life. Group activities can lead to social and professional opportunities. Your desire to improve the world is being awakened as well, so getting involved with a charity group or community project can bring satisfaction.

Gemini: Networking can bring an unexpected or unusual career opportunity during the New Moon. Now is the time to share your brilliance with those who can assist you. An idea that’s outside the box will be well received, at least with people who respect your expertise. Furthering your education will advance your career as well.

Cancer: You have the power to intuit your future during the New Moon, if you focus on seeing the bigger picture regarding where you’re headed. It’s time to set some wide-ranging goals that are aligned with your soul’s purpose. Taking a class, participating in spiritual activities, and experiencing different cultures will energize and expand your direction.

Leo: The New Moon can inspire quite a sexual awakening that energizes intimate encounters. The urge to change things up in the boudoir or hook up with someone new can enhance or disrupt your love life, depending on your situation. On a practical note, impulsive spending can throw your finances into a tailspin, so use your credit cards sparingly.

Virgo: The New Moon can produce some unexpected insights about marriage and commitment, which can both enlighten and rattle your relationship. If you’re solo, you may find yourself attracted to people who are unusual or different from you in some way. Mainly, it’s a shift in perception concerning your role within a committed relationship.

Libra: Changing up your daily routine by incorporating some new activities and goals will energize you physically and mentally. An unusual idea or opportunity can launch a new a work project. The New Moon also encourages a healthy lifestyle, making it an excellent time to improve your health by starting a diet and/or enhancing your exercise routine.

Scorpio: It’s all about blending romance with brainpower, as the New Moon inspires some inventive flirting, exotic discussions, and cerebrally based hook-ups. A compelling attraction can energize you (at least temporarily) or totally throw off your love life if you’re already involved. Your creative brilliance is also being awakened, so focus on connecting with your inner muse.

Sagittarius: You may be restless for a change of environment during the New Moon, which can inspire a round of redecorating or even a move. Using your inventiveness to create an exotic ambiance for entertaining can bring satisfaction. A sudden insight about your family can free you from a negative emotional pattern. Expect some unusual family interactions, too.

Capricorn: The New Moon energizes your brainpower and your desire to learn something new. An unconventional idea that comes to you during the next few weeks may or may not pan out, but it will open your mind to other ideas that can broaden your horizons. Travel, networking, and brainstorming with others can bring opportunities, too.

Aquarius: Accessing your inventiveness can improve your finances during the New Moon. An unusual project or idea can pay off, if it’s grounded enough to be feasible. Technology, communications, travel, or science may be involved. Embarking on a spending spree or unreliable opportunity can derail your finances, so watch how you handle money.

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