Weekend Horoscope: Authority and Influence

Authority and Influence

Do You Speak With Authority and Influence Others?

Mercury and Pluto joined in ambitious Capricorn bring powerful persuasion and the determined pursuit of personal agendas to communication. This mighty combo bestows the ability to speak with authority and to influence others through the written or spoken word. On Sunday, unpredictable Uranus adds volatility to the mix. Choose your words with care! Here is your Weekend Horoscope.

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What you say can make you an authority figure in your career or community. However, your rebellious streak could undo all of your efforts if you fail to keep your maverick impulse in check. Do you want respect? Or, do you prefer to be free to say what you want? The choice is yours.


Your mental sharpness lends itself well to serious study. If you need to hit the books, do it before distraction sets in on Sunday. At that time, you might start to doubt some of the conclusions you have drawn and this could undo your efforts.


Mercury aligned with potent Pluto compels you to discuss sexuality, death, or certain taboo topics. Your intensity around these matters could startle or upset a friend or close companion. Be mindful of your company. Some people might find your current interests inappropriate or a bit morbid.


If you need to have a serious conversation with your significant other or business partner, there is no time like the present. Your persistence is likely to yield the answers you seek. If it’s a business relationship, be careful that you don’t cross a line and come across as unprofessional.


You are showing a serious commitment to work, household chores, or exercise. No matter what your priorities are, you have a thorough plan to get things done. Be sure to keep it simple. Employing a complicated technique or process could prove to be a colossal waste of time.


Mercury joined with potent Pluto in your romance zone can make you pretty determined to conquer the object of your affection. You can be pretty persuasive, so this is a great time to plead your case. Just make sure that your demands aren’t too over the top.


A conversation with a family member or roommate could get pretty intense. Focus on finding solutions rather than assigning blame or being overly critical. If you are too confrontational it could have unintended consequences and could wreck an important relationship. Know when to tone it down.


Clever Mercury aligned with Pluto brings power to your verbal and written communication. Your probing and insightful mind sets the stage for revealing conversation. Keep in mind that some of your ideas might prove to be too out there or ahead of their time to be successfully executed.


You might be obsessed with a money matter. Put your thinking cap on and engage in extensive research. The more you know, the easier it will be to make an informed decision. Despite your grasp of the facts, you could still be tempted to take a foolish risk.


Mercury and Pluto make you pretty persuasive. You come across as confident and competent, but also a little bit slick. Be careful not to undermine someone’s faith in you by pulling a fast one. A direct approach is the best way to get what you want.


It is easy to become obsessed about something (or someone) with Mercury and Pluto joined in your subconscious zone. You may not be aware of how much headspace you are giving to the matter. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly blurt out something that you had intended to keep to yourself.


An interaction with a friend could get pretty intense, especially if you feel compelled to influence him or her on a certain matter. Keep in mind that your pal might not share your values. Be respectful of boundaries if you want to keep the friendship intact.

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