Harness the Energy of Your Zodiac Sign

Enhance Your Elemental Environment

Each of the signs has different attributes and responds to different stimuli. It makes sense, then, to surround yourself with the things that enhance your sign’s pleasure and energy that you can improve your life.

Here are some tips for maximizing your power with the help of the stars:


If you don’t have a fireplace (a great Aries energy-boost), red accents (pillows, artwork, bedding) offer an easy enhancement. Meanwhile, to quell your tendency toward impulsiveness, take time (and make space) to meditate.


Texture is king of your castle, Bull. Be sure to mix it up in the textile department—leather, silk (or satin) and linen offer different sensual experiences. Also, make your kitchen the hearth of your home—it feeds your soul.

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Airy, open spaces with clean lines come to mind when thinking of the Twins. Light blues will inspire you as will a place that is easy to move around—shifting furniture placement seasonally will keep your energy flowing.


Home is more than where you hang your hat—it’s your heart. Cancers tend toward the classics. A central dining table makes a great place to gather. Some kind of fountain keeps you elementally aligned.


Go big and bright to unleash your inner lion. Whether it’s modern artwork or a colorful accent wall, making a statement will put you at ease in your abode. After all, it’s a reflection of you. Luxurious bedding will actually help you rest.


While pristine lines and light are very Virgo, this Earth Sign also responds well to plants and flowers. Healthy food is vital to maintain your well-being mentally as well as physically. Gardening—even if it’s just potted herbs—feeds your soul.


Airy spaces with solid furniture are the order of the day in a Libra home. You want your environment to feel stable, but breathable—balanced. Set up an area for yoga or some other physical exercise if possible. Keep your linens clean.


Diversity is the mark of a Scorpion’s lair. Contrasting colors and textures highlight your complexity. Having your own space is absolutely necessary—even if it’s a just corner. You need a private place where you can ruminate… and meditate.


The Archer’s ideal abode reflects global diversity. Reminders of places you’ve seen or would like to see. The spirit of adventure should be all around. The kitchen and bedroom are equal hubs that deserve equal attention.


Elegance and tradition are Capricorn hallmarks. Consider a bar set up of some kind of an after work drink—or if you don’t drink, a traditional tea set. Leather and wood (mahogany in particular) are easy Capricorn energy enhancers.

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Light, light, light, Aquarius. Make sure you get plenty of it wherever possible. Plants and flowers—the more exotic the better – are also boosters, inside the home or out. Silver is particularly powerful.


The ideal environment for the fishes conjures a seaside retreat. Whether this is achieved in light blue and sea green hues, touches of aquatic art or simply the ease of movement and fabrics, the key is to feel peaceful and free to dream.

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