Psychic Glenna: Working Your Passion

Avoiding Fear of Job Change

Do you find yourself plugging along at your current job for hours, days, weeks or even years feeling bored and dissatisfied? Do you feel like you’re wasting your life in a job that keeps you from expressing your true talents and skills? You’re not alone. It’s a sad truth that many people remain at their jobs even though they feel unhappy. The good news is, you can change careers and make a living following your true passion in life!

Feeling uncomfortable is an indication that it is time to change. Nothing is random in life. We are always being guided. So what is holding you back? Many people hold on to their jobs because they fear the unknown and are afraid of what could happen as a result of changing career paths. Unfortunately, keeping a job that feels like torture may be preventing you from following your true passion, and can make you feel unfulfilled. Over time, this unfulfilled part of your life may lead to depression, resentment and anxiety.

What’s making you stay at your current job? If you’ve been at your current job a long time or it pays a decent wage, it can be difficult to leave. Money is less predicable when you change careers, but the emotional payoff may be priceless. Although you may have a lot of money at your current job, you might not be able to spend a lot of time doing the things you love. If you’re married, you may not have a lot of time with your children, spouse or extended family. Spending time with your family helps all of you feel more connected and whole. Shifting careers could enable you to find a job that’s better for both you and the rest of your family. If you’re single, switching careers may open up free time you could use to do activities you truly enjoy.

To live a life that is healthy and satisfying, it’s important to evaluate if you’re happy in your life, and to analyze what your true passion might be. If you don’t know what your passion is, ask yourself a few questions to help figure it out.

Find a journal or notebook, and answer the following questions:

• What activities are you naturally good at? Do you have a natural talent that is not being accessed at your current job? Are you the “go-to” person for certain projects? Think about what tasks others compliment you on the most.

• What tasks make you feel happy and light? Let your emotions be a guide to help you understand how you feel when you work. The happier you feel throughout the day in your work, the healthier and more enjoyable your life will be. Think about what tasks bring you positive emotions.

• What hobbies would you do all day if time allowed? Hobbies are often born out of the need to access your creativity and true passion. Do you find yourself writing stories or tinkering on electronics for hours at a time? Think about what hobbies fill your free time.

• Is there a topic you know all about or like to learn about in your free time? For example, you may work in sales but love to learn about history in your spare time. Sometimes a passion may be more academic. Think about educational interests.

• What do you enjoy helping other people with? Do you have family members or friends always coming to you to help them with taxes or computer troubles? Do you enjoy helping people feel happy and uplifted in the hospital or hospice? Think about what you do to help others.

• What did you love doing as a child? As adults, it is easy to forget to have fun and do the activities we loved as children. Think about what activities your child inside wants to do.

Make sure to explore any doors that might open to you. Opportunities are always presenting themselves, so do not reject opportunities prior to investigation. Follow your intuition and be willing to accept a better position. You deserve it!

4 thoughts on “Psychic Glenna: Working Your Passion

  1. Barbara

    Glenna, just reaffirms what we already talked about that I need to follow. Great advice, to follow passion and heart. You gave me that extra boost needed to pursue a change I needed to bring about with my job and education. Plus, you are a not just right on in your readings, but entertaining and uplifting at the same time. Glad for those like you.

  2. LJ

    This is such a great article, with a very important message – times are changing and the days of trading our happiness (and precious time) in for security has proven false for so many, so go with your passion and let it lead you to true happiness. Great message.

  3. Psychic Deejay ext 5435

    Great article and so true. When you open up to your true passions and possibilities, set up goals to achieve, life will reward you with great opportunities. Let yourself be who you really are! Life is too short to be unhappy! Thanks Psychic Glenna


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