Your Weekly Career Forecast for August 20 – 26, 2012

Will it be Personal Power or Grace This Week?

The latter part of the week of August 20 – 26 brings great opportunities for leadership roles and a sense of personal power, particularly for fire signs, Leo, Sagittarius and Aries. Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, will be experiencing creative inspiration and a romantic approach that can bring grace and beauty to a work project. Talk with Psychic Braxton ext. 5699 to get a detailed career forecast.


While the first part of the week of August 20 – 26 may feel like you’re being restrained from expressing your high energy, you will receive a valuable gem of information that will help you launch your new ideas into action. Share them with coworkers and clients on Wednesday and Thursday when you are in a more powerful position.


The challenges and changes over the past week are settling down. So this could be a perfect time for a short business trip or setting aside a few hours to reinvigorate yourself with hot baths, journaling or simply luxuriating in some free time. Work continues to be demanding, so enjoy your time off.


This week is a perfect time to bring those ideas into form. You’re creating something truly special. Take time to integrate emotions into your work, through your feelings and through sensitively perceiving others’ responses to what you have to offer. Don’t lose patience, and your work will be appreciated in the near future. Do you feel you’re blocked from those creative ideas? Talk to Psychic Nicolina ext. 5671 to see how to remove it.


Your inherent charm and beauty is becoming apparent to coworkers and clients who are beginning to understand how valuable you are to them. Be aware of investments. Those you have made and those that others have made in you, and you will determine the course of action to take at work on August 23 and 24.


Your ambitions and energy run high this week, and you can accomplish a lot. Just take care not to become too focused on one thing. Terrific opportunities pop up for you in sudden, surprising ways, so be certain that you “scan your horizon” for these beneficial openings and adapt to them.


Be alert to your personal and career networks as a wonderful surprise will arise through your interaction with others. Thursday, August 23, should be particularly fruitful for financial gain, love and beauty, so be ready to “soak in” these gifts and fully enjoy them.


Monday, August 20, will be a “bumpy ride” for everyone. You will handle these surprises with grace at work, and they will remind you to enjoy travel, further your education and enrich your spiritual life. Demands at work will begin to ease to more normal levels next week (August 27 through September 2).


If you communicate effectively on the job, you could receive recognition from coworkers or clients. Tuesday may feel a bit oppressive with your current workload, but this will pass, and you will have plenty of vitality for moving ahead the rest of the week. Your Sun sign ruler Mars enters Scorpio on Thursday August 23 so enjoy your new sense of power.


During the week of August 20 – 26, you’re really inspired by all the exciting new knowledge and tools available to you. You can see several new pathways to achieve your career expansion plans. On Wednesday and Thursday, much is operating behind the scenes. Over the weekend, take your smartphone or other recording device, as you’ll be enjoying intuitive thoughts and flashes of brilliance that you’ll want to use in future work projects.


You feel pulled in different directions on Monday August 20 and Tuesday August 21 between responsibilities at work, at home and with your partner. Where do you and your needs fit in? Part of your current lesson in life is also to take care of yourself in the mix of everyday activities, then you’ll be ready for your career pursuits with a clear sense of direction. By Wednesday, you’ll have sorted everything out.


You have had to make massive diplomatic efforts at work to keep everyone around from destroying important projects. Monday, August 20, is a day when high energy rules, and you need to use your optimism and generous attitude to see that working teams around you collaborate to produce positive results without dissolving into bickering. You’ll be recognized for your efforts and abilities in this area.


Creative pursuits and working with children can bring you great satisfaction this week. Wednesday brings deep awareness. Visit a body of water or even a fountain for inspiration to trigger your talents pouring out to support your career, as well as your home and spiritual life.

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