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Mashneel from Australia writes:

Do my best friend, Jita, and I have any spirits that are trying to contact or warn us about something? I have a very close connection with my best friend, and at times we feel what the other is thinking or feeling. We also believe we have shared many past lives together. Recently, we both felt, at the same time, that we were getting vibes. Since we feel presences, we are having odd experiences and intense dreams.

Both of us are researching some far-out areas of the supernatural, and I wonder, could this have something to do with it? She dreamed she was with her cat, and a pair of eyes was staring right from the sky at her while it was really dark and windy. I had a dream that I was visited by gray people, who were fearful of my presence for some odd reason. They wanted something to do with my child (a boy, I believe). Are we both going nuts, or is there really something out there trying to warn us about something?

Dear Mashneel,

You and your best friend are definitely not going nuts, but I think you were having some fun giving yourselves a good scare! True, a bit of a scare once in a while gets your blood moving… after all, that’s why people enjoy
horror movies… but since you and Jita are so gifted psychically, it’s important for the two of you to learn how to sort out and deal with the energies you’re summoning through your focused attention.

So, you’re correct that the spirit guides surrounding both you and Jita are, indeed, trying to warn you, but not about any specific impending disaster. They are more intent on having you understand that, because of the way the Law of Attraction works, when you immerse yourself in the scarier aspects of the supernatural, especially ones favored by conspiracy theorists, you’re opening your inner doors to all the thought forms of fear and chaos which humanity has deposited around these subjects over the ages.

In high enough quantities, unfiltered feelings of fear and helplessness can be pretty contagious, something your guides want you to avoid, because it could send you off in directions which aren’t on this life’s spiritual agenda.

Your gathered guides want you and Jita to find one or more spiritual/psychic mentors that you can work with regularly, both in classes and as individuals. Look for someone who can work with your powerful dreaming abilities, and who can help you each build a solid inner structure of psychic skill and knowledge. You’ll also need an advanced level of understanding about how to construct and maintain psychic boundaries, and a good working relationship with your angels and spirit guides.

Then, when you journey out to the “fringes,” which so fascinate you right now, you’ll do it from a platform of spiritual strength and knowledge. There are reasons why you’re currently drawn to these particular subjects, and you can best achieve your soul purposes from a position of strength and knowledge.

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