Psychic Claire: Find Your Inner Truth

A compassionate reader, Claire ext. 5242 provides extremely detailed readings in which she enthusiastically connects with each caller’s emotional concerns. Her empathic abilities hone her readings in on connections of the heart, while psychic information quickly flows through her. Claire ext. 5242 feels there is no greater gift than giving her callers peace of heart.

We sat down with Claire ext. 5242 to discuss her view on spirituality, and the importance of following a spiritual path in life.

“My definition of the spiritual path is finding the truth within yourself,” she told us. “What makes you happy, your dreams, desires; we’ve given up so much for the people around us. Finding that part of yourself that you left behind. The best part.”

How can people become more connected to their spiritual side?

“A lot of people aren’t even aware of their own emotions,” Claire ext. 5242 counsels. “They have to bring awareness back to themselves. Sometimes, being selfish brings you towards selflessness. It’s not egotistical or arrogant, it’s saying ‘I matter, my needs matter,’ and allowing yourself to take that step. A lot of people are afraid of being happy because they’re afraid its going to be taken away. We set that up.

“I was in the airport, and every single person had an electronic device. People were so pulled into them that they weren’t identified with the people around them. We need to come back to the other people around us, what people want—companionships, somebody to care. If you’re focused on looking down and playing with electronics, you’re not even aware of the people around you or the opportunities you’re missing.

“When we were kids, we went home and picked up messages, and life still existed. It still went on. It’s time to put some of those electronics to the side. Being spiritual means caring about yourself, people, environment, animals. But it’s like we do everything we can to avoid contact when it’s what we need most. We’re afraid to feel. We’ve become an emotional Botox society. A lot of people walk around and are afraid that if somebody sees them being happy it’ll be stripped away. Most people we see are grumpy, closed down, on their cell phone, with no expression. The spiritual path means identifying and feeling the emotions inside. Emotions tell you where you’re going in life, and if you’re not feeling them, you’re not getting anywhere. You’re just spinning in a circle.”

What’s the best way to begin to heal that disconnection?

“Pick one tiny thing that would make you happy,” Claire ext. 5242 advises.

“Every day we have an opportunity through the people around us and the situations in front of us to heal and begin to experience emotions again. If you have a situation that makes your uncomfortable, you have a lack of self, you cover it up, and pretend everything’s cool. Yet that situation, that person in front of you, gave you the opportunity to see what’s making you insecure. Identify with yourself and identify with the emotion, and how you feel—if you pay attention, and something’s right on the surface, then that’s what you need to heal and work through. Let it move through you, and it’s done. Don’t hold onto it. You experience it; you don’t have to express it. That’s true with any emotion. People get mad, so they shove it down, and we have these blow up rages. We end up with big blocks of stagnant energy instead of letting it go.

“Whenever you start blaming people, when names start coming in, you’re justifying the fact that you’ve spent your life the way you have. Don’t have thoughts—just feel the emotion, say “Wow! This is how it feels!” You let it clear that way; it may go dominoing back all the way to childhood, and then it’s done. It doesn’t mean you’ll never get angry or jealous again.

We do get jealous of other people, but remember, that’s just a meter to say ‘that looks good,’ and then to go and find some for yourself. But be happy for the person who showed you that you wanted it. Let your emotions work for you. Don’t hide them. We have no bad emotions. We only make them bad by hiding them until they explode.”

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4 thoughts on “Psychic Claire: Find Your Inner Truth

  1. 78mirrors

    You have clearly missed the point that the article is making. People are hiding behind electronic devices so much that it is numbing them to their own emotions.

    You stated “Not into telling other people how they should or should not be with electronics, I don’t think it is our concern” and ““I just don’t think electronics has anything to do with people not paying attention.” “

    Well, it is my concern. I have seen teens texting and walking across the street without averting their gaze. I think it is sad to see a group of teens starting in line for ice cream and they are not talking to each other but instead, all texting each other. I count the number of times some driver on a cell phone almost hits my vehicle when I am stopped at a stop sign.

    I agree to some extend that technology like the internet and smart phones can connect humans as a matter of convenience. However, when I go out with a friend and all they are doing is playing with their smart phone, I
    have no problem telling them that their behavior is rude. If someone makes an appointment to be with me, then it is not asking too much of them to actually have their attention for the majority of the time.

    I find this article to be insightfully reflective of today’s digital-leashed society. Thank you Claire and Krishna for yet another well-done article.

  2. Christianne DeHart

    I have the complete opposite viewpoint of electronics. I am very grateful for them.
    I don’t see it as a disconnect, I see it as the opposite, a tool to connect with others anywhere anytime. We are all one, and have access to information as spirit, now we also do physically, and I feel electronics are a symbol of that truth.

    So what if it was different when we were kids. Things of the past are not better, just different.
    I dunno. I just don’t think electronics has anything to do with people not paying attention. I never did interact with strangers at the airport, cell phone, laptop or not. And I like it I can call someone instantly, I see it as more connection, not less.
    Not into telling other people how they should or should not be with electronics, I don’t think it is our concern.

  3. Jacqueline

    Hi Claire and Krishna,
    I agree with your points and thoughts, great job Claire.
    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472


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