Your Weekend Horoscope: Fragile Feelings

Fragile Feelings

Self-Worth, Accomplishments and Attention

The Weekend Horoscope reveals that egos are on high alert under the Full Moon in flamboyant Leo. Everyone wants to shine, but fragile feelings can be hurt when you don’t receive the star treatment you think you deserve. Be careful not to base your self-worth upon your accomplishments or the attention you receive. Here’s your Weekend Horoscope.

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The dramatic Full Moon in Leo highlights romance, creativity and children. This is a good time to bring matters pertaining to these areas to fruition. If you wait too long you might have to fight for support, so wrap things up while it’s still relatively easy to do so.


The Full Moon, activating your home and family sector, could bring a domestic situation to a head. Certain individuals just want to be quarrelsome and may refuse to go along with the program. Do what you can to resolve matters on your own and steer clear of conflict.


Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that the bold Full Moon in Leo could intensify interactions with people in your immediate environment. A heated conversation or too much activity might stress you out. Your best course of action is to listen and learn instead of telling others what to do.


With the Moon as your ruler, its phases are always significant for you. This weekend’s Full Moon could inspire a rash, financial move. Don’t be in such a hurry to seal a deal that you fail to heed a warning sign. It pays to take your time with money matters.


The Full Moon in your sign can be a little stressful. At this time of year, your vital energy is at its lowest point, while your emotions feel larger than life. Try to lie low, get adequate rest, and do things that nurture your body and lift your spirits.


Your Weekend Horoscope indicates a need to keep your feelings concealed and to safeguard your emotional well-being. You might feel more vulnerable than usual, especially if a personal matter is creating conflict. If you take care of yourself first you will be prepared to handle what’s going on.


The Full Moon highlights your connection to friends and to groups that you participate in. There could be a conflict over money or you could find that you are spending too much in an effort to keep up good relations. Conflicting values could make you reconsider the relationship.


The Full Moon in dramatic Leo calls into question your ability to maintain balance between your personal and professional lives. The pressure to keep it all together could feel pretty intense. It might be time to seek out the support that will help you to stay on top of things.


The Full Moon in fun-loving Leo awakens your innate sense of adventure, according to your Weekend Horoscope. Even though you crave the opportunity to do something daring, insecurity could prevent you from doing what you would most like to do. You can still act despite your fears and the time to begin is now.


The Full Moon shines a light on shared finances and the support that you receive from others. A conflict between you and another person over long-term goals could make you reconsider your current arrangement. The more financially independent you are, the more freedom you will have to do things your way.


The Full Moon in brash Leo pits your desires against the needs and feelings of a significant person in your life. You could look like the bad guy if you don’t give in, but will you feel good about yourself if you succumb to emotional manipulation? Think about it.


The Full Moon highlights your emotional attachment to a job or an activity that has become significant for you. You could be too close to the matter to see where you might be off track. Don’t get defensive if someone tries to point you in the right direction.

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