Psychic Chastity: Love is the Ultimate Power

Psychic Chastity Shares Her Path and Her Successes

Chastity ext. 5403 is an inspirational tarot card reader who can help you face challenges head on and achieve greater success in your life. By hearing you say your name, date of birth and question, she is able to connect with your energy and channel the answers you seek. Quick meditation, as well as visual cues she receives during the reading provide additional confirmation of the messages she’s receiving. Chastity shares the information that she receives psychically and then helps you discover the next step in bringing about your dreams. Her years of experience as an educator and coach make Chastity ext. 5403 an excellent communicator who is able to assist you in identifying opportunities for growth in your life and help you achieve your goals.

We sat down to talk to her about her work and her successes, and got some great responses!

How did she start out as a psychic?

“It does run in my family, up the matriarchal line. My grandmother used to read tea leaves, she could predict things far into the future, ten to twenty years. Anyways, as a small child I communicated with the angels. I would sit under the stars in our yard, I got communication and messages. The angels constantly visited me when I was young, psychic things would happen. I had no idea, no awareness. And then I put it away until I was probably in my mid-20s, didn’t do anything with it, started learning to read the cards, tuning into energy, using intuition, opened up through studies and meditation. And now that I use it even more, I get universal channeling messages and I get mediumship, so i think it’s grown to another level. I use cards, I get channeled messages with cards and my guide gives me messages. I have an affinity to the tarot cards. I do numerology with cards too. Numbers come to me.”

She also shared some of her recent successes.

“I’ve been working with clients to reunite him and his ex. She left him but there was no closure, and not for a valid reason, just her being upset and wanting to move on. He’s been missing her ever since, feeling her energy, knowing she’d come back. They do have a soul connection, so we’ve been working to reunite them. She’s been pushing back for six months but slowly moving back to him. So we’ve been working the energy to help connect them so that when the door is open he would be able to have a positive connection with her when there’s communication, and that has been happening. She started contacting him and wanting to see him and spend time with him, periodically over the last three months. And we’ve been working on her coming free will to him, him keeping his heart open and her coming free will to him, so it’s real and genuine. And she just contacted him maybe a few days ago, and said ‘Where are you, i need to see you.’ And they met, and she told him that she still had the same feelings for him, had been missing him, that it was hard trying to live on her own without him, and that she still loves him, so they’re reuniting.

“Another that comes to mind is one of the callers who—her fiance that she loves very much had passed, and I was helping her through the grieving process with mediumship and telling her that she would meet someone else, I told her that when she was ready to release him that somebody new would come in. And sure enough, she’s spreading his ashes at Yosemite and a wonderful new man came in. The energy on it was that her fiance who had passed had someone picked for her, and brought that person to her, didn’t want her to be alone. That’s the energy on it.”

“Another was, I’ve been working with a client who’s going through a lot of issues with work, and she lost her position through a series of events, a misunderstanding at work, and I told her before she lost it that it looked like she would, but that a close coworker would help her find a new position, and he totally did, and she’s now working at a much better position making much more money, and she’s doing really well. She loves it, it’s better than her old job, that’s what the energy was.

“There was a love reunion where one customer had an aging mother and she had to move her mother out of her house, but hadn’t been paying attention to her boyfriend, had lost focus on her boyfriend, and he stopped communicating with her because he was upset. And the message I got was that she needed to write a letter of apology to him, a love letter. And she did, and she apologized and he called her the next day when he got the letter. They started dating again and were working on their relationship. But they hadn’t spoken for two months.”

If she could help people in the world recognize one thing, what would it be?

“That love is the greatest power of all, it conquers every worry, every fear, every guilt. It’s the highest vibration. It helps you when you live in that plane of love for yourself and others. Positive things just happen for you. Life is just much, much happier, smoother, easier, and paths that should open open for you.”

What can Chastity ext. 5403 see for you?

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6 thoughts on “Psychic Chastity: Love is the Ultimate Power

  1. My valentine

    My absolute FAVORITE!!!!…. Chastity!!!

    Always on point. Always accurate. I can’t wait to chat with you again.

  2. miss soonitee rampersad

    i did send my requst but foget my date both n that of my future husband:
    mine – 10 april 1991
    his – 6 june 1986

  3. miss soonitee rampersad

    i know a boy namely mr aascharya gajadur, since five years,,i did love him and he also. but we never told each other what we felt. we kept contact..after 2years my best friend proposed me and i told him yes, we had several problems mainly because his family. we got engaged without his family knowing. i killed all my desires and concentrated on him entirely. i gave up everything for him…though inside it was killing me. i was dying each moment, i even told him many times but he never paid any attention to me. for him maybe i am just a sex object…one and a half month ago, i just could not take it anymore i decided to leave him and even told him so. but his family n mine just bombarded me with accusations… just cause i’m a girl. i kw im not beautiful, rich n all that but i am human…it hurts. at last i have been able to tel the boy i loved before my feelings and he did the same..he wants to marry me but my family would never accept. so we decided to do that without telling anyone..only his family know…im stressed out about all that.

  4. Tracy

    Hi there Chastity,

    My older brother just recently was in an accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down. My fiancee and I live with him and take care of him. It has put a strain on our relationship. Can our relationship survive? We bicker about things that we never used to have a problem with.

  5. concepcion olita lasaca

    psychic can you tell me about my future please i am concepcion lasaca i was born december 8 1982 in i am married to chinese he was born march 2 1970 we have to kids all is boy please tell me my future to come

  6. marie

    i’m suppose to be meeting a guy this weekend and i’m still having dreams about this guy that i have a crush on and i dont know what to do


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