Speak Up: Don’t Waste Your Time on Losers

What do you do when someone breaks your heart, leaves you, but comes crawling back for help later? Do you turn them away or help them? Setting healthy boundaries protects you from being hurt.

Should I Help Her?

Randie from Oak Grove, Louisiana asks:

Its amazes me that I still have feelings for this girl who did me wrong. Now things are not going right for her so every now and then she calls me for help, but I feel like she should have appreciated me when she had me. Am I wrong for being so mean to her? Can’t get over the one who did you wrong? Psychic Shauna ext. 9010 can help!

Dear Randie,

You are not being mean at all! What you are doing is setting healthy boundaries and standing up for yourself, which is never wrong. Plus, I absolutely agree with you. If she treated you badly while you were with her, and only seemed to be interested once the others were gone, she’ll dump you again, as soon as “someone better” comes around again.

Put your feelings in perspective and respect yourself. You may still have feelings for this girl, but chances are these feelings are not so much for her and more about what happened, i.e., your ego. I know it can be a real ego-boost when a person we liked dumped us and then comes back, but know that this return has usually very little to do with wanting to be with you, and tends to be more about her not wanting to be alone right now. Do they want you back or do they just not want to be alone? Psychic Alison ext. 9885 knows the difference!

Good luck and don’t waste your time and energy on losers. Stick to your guns and let her go.

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5 thoughts on “Speak Up: Don’t Waste Your Time on Losers

  1. Karrie

    Ok…this guy and I dated 4years before he begged me to move in with him across state I may add. Only to get. There and him to pulled emotional yet. And physically away. Then after all the kids went home for school. Hen had to go out of town on buisness, only to tell me over the phone that im not them woman for him, nor him them man, for me. We said that we would stay friends but he was in a rush for me to pack up. Pretty nice them first couple of days after then I told him how and why I was hurt and hasent replied at all. Should I just moved on?was there someonr else? How do I let its go.

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Re ext.9500

    Great advice, Carmen

    And I agree with you 100 % too ……as this girl is only using him as a ” pit stop ” , as soon as somebody else comes along she’ll be off and running again. In short, she is a USER !

    Gina Rose waves HI to Carmen !!!!!

  3. Yasheevia

    me and my fiance broke up on the 23 of august im confused is i should let it go and move on with my life or should i wait on him to come back to me?

  4. Reeta Paul

    I have been in the same situation mybofried vi had an engagement and were together for 7 years left me for another woman I still have feelings for him He wants me as his friend and want to meet me when it suits him. Ido not know how to react on this It pains me a lot.


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