Psychic Success Story: Love Prevails

The Triumph of Love in the Face of Adversity

Thomas has been a client of mine for about a couple years or more, and he just found the girl of his dreams. Her name is Lisa. They met on an online dating site. Lisa just went through a divorce about six months prior to meeting Thomas, and they were the perfect match for each other; a true love story. Lisa has three children from her previous marriage, which Thomas just adored. He was about the happiest man on the planet! He would always call and check in once a month or so about his work, as an advertising agent, and get some ideas about how to connect with his firm to close a deal. But, of course, we would talk about Lisa — the love of his life, and how happy he was.

But one day when we were talking (it was around July) and I “saw” him so sad and upset. I asked Thomas if there anything going on with Lisa? He said she has been a little distant lately. I told Thomas he needed to talk to Lisa. I saw her ex-husband talking to her and trying to convince her to give their relationship one more try—for the children’s sake… And knowing Lisa’s sensitivity, and how much she loved her children, she was going to make this move.

Thomas called me in August 2010 and was so heart-broken. He told me I was right. Lisa went back with her ex-husband to give it one more try, not because she loved him, but “for the children’s sake.” I proceeded to look forward into the future. I knew Lisa and her husband would NOT stay together. I told Thomas it could be six months to a year before they broke up again for good.

Thomas started dating again a couple months later—looking for that “special feeling” he had with Lisa. Every girl he called me about was so similar to Lisa, but not her. It was February 2011, when Thomas called me about another woman and I asked him if he had heard from Lisa He said he hadn’t. I told him she’d left her ex-husband and was living with her sister. He was shocked! He thought they would work it out. I told Thomas to call her—but of course Thomas was very scared of rejection. But with my encouragement, I convinced him to call her.

Lisa was so happy to hear from Thomas! Sometimes life will throw you a big curve. Lisa needed to know for sure that she did everything possible for the sake of her children, before she could move forward.

Thomas did not waste any time. He asked Lisa to marry him. And Lisa couldn’t wait to say “Yes!” They married in June 2011 and are extremely happy.

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18 thoughts on “Psychic Success Story: Love Prevails

  1. Tina

    Alison, I just talked to you and you gave me hope. You see, this guy and I met in 1996 and dated off and on until 1998, when some things happened that he couldn’t get around. I never thought I would hear from him again. Jan 13, 2010, he sends me a facebook request and we start talking again. We see each other and I realize that not only did his heart never forget me, mine never forgot him and I fell harder than ever before. I realized that he was the one. And like you said, there is a tug of war between us..he gets super close and then something happens to scare him back. After reading this story about Thomas makes me realize that everyone cannot be wrong, we are each other’s soul mates, and we will get married.

  2. sharon

    I am so madly in love with my bestfriend. Someone who I grew up since the age of 4. By the grace of God, we got together on Valentines Day. We were two love birds sent from heaven. Very much in love with one another. He recently broke up with me and I am so devastated. He went back to his ex gf. I’m hoping he wakes up and realizes he just lost the best thing that ever happen to him. I’m praying everyday its not over between us.

  3. Jo

    Hi Alison,
    I have faallen for this guy, we’ve spent some great moments and time together and he said he has feelings for me too. One problem is we’re in different states. Also he seems uncomfortable that i have 2 kids from my previous marriage, that if he marries me he becomes just a step-dad and has an instant family; and that he doesn’t know my kids at all. He wants to have his own kids with me, but now has doubts and thinks it may be complicated because also he thinks i’m 43 and no longer ‘young’ enough.
    Alison, i’m heartbroken. Do you see any future here for me with this guy? he’s

  4. sonto tsela


    I have a son who is 11 months now.and i was separated from his father when i was pregnant.and he never came to see him ever since he was born.i cried everyday asking myself why is he doing this to me and hes son.but then last year a man came along,i was so scared at first to fall inlove with him.but my heart loved him so much.i finally gave him the answer.we are so much inlove and he has a are now planing to get married next year,and he has to pay lobola.i have found love again.

  5. ruth

    all those that are dating or having an affair, these man will never leave their wifes. There is many resons why this will happen but i will let you figure that out for oneself. So if you find you more then friends with this guy slow the relationship down. This relationship leads nowhere only to heart ache. get out soon is best

  6. Janette

    My husband moved with his brother three months ago. They live nearby my apartment.
    We were in a relationship for five years. I have a 7 years old daughter who loves him. Do you think he will back home.

  7. M

    I’m also in the Thomas situation. I moved back home,for the kids and its not working. Truely in love with another man. Should I stay unhappy forever or is this other man my road to happiness?

  8. Night

    what a happy ending.. guess it’s true when they always say, everything works out in the end. sometimes we just need to go through the process, allow ourselves to try and feel whatever emotion it is that we are feeling in the moment and then move forward.. having no regrets when we look back. i couldn’t stop smiling while reading this story. thank you for sharing! and congratulations to Lisa & Thomas, another great love story inspiring and giving hope to all the other couples there (including me)! i am in a long distance relationship, 3 yrs in march, and i am hoping for a happy ending as well 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  9. kathy waterman

    Hi Allison

    I am still very much in love with a guy who was the love of my life for half my life.We were engaged to get married but through frustration on his part this lea him to get involve and marry someone else. I still belevie in us as we are still very much in love with each other.We stay in contact still i am not going to come between them because it will b e wrong to do so.How am i going to get over how i feel about him i have never felt this way about anyone as i have him.

  10. Cindy

    As a romance writer-this was so cool. I love a happy ending and that Lisa went back to try and make the marriage work, making sure she did everything possible to try and save the marriage, and then she was free to move on. I love his conflict with being rejected again, but still making the move and moving fast. I hope you have more of these stories in the future.


  11. munir

    I from the core of heart acknowledged the sincereity of both the couple and have immense desire that they should lead a complete and extremely happy life in the times to come. Really love to appreciate the step of Thomas who did not felt as an agony for being a matter of ego & self centredness. Thanks for sharing a nice and gentle storey of human beings.

  12. sarahbivens

    i loved this man very much but he has the worst problem drinking my dad was a drinker put my mom through hell of course hes dead now mother sort lost it now i dont want to end up like that plez adviseit has took such a strain on our relastion ship

  13. Alfred

    Hi, I am one of your regular reader of psychic world, I have an issue which borders on sexual feelings.
    I am married with 3 kids but never enjoyed sex with my wife. i always have urge for sex but my wife will always turn me down each time i made advance to her. I am a good christian with strong feeling for the words of God, i tried all my best possible to make sure i dont sleep outside my marriage, God has been sustaining me in this wise, we married since 2000.
    I have taken lots of measures to at least ask my wife why things are like that, she will always say nothing is wrong but just dont have flare for sex which i think she’s right, this has condescend me to be watching sex movies at least to keep body and soul together since i’ve vowed never to sleep outside my wedlock. I need a change, i need someone to advice me on what to do, it makes me sad as a man. I love my wife so dearly and would not think of hurting her in anyway. Is this how i will continue my life. It’s so sad and dishearten. Please reply soonest. thank you and God bless. It is well

  14. pearl

    I have a story similar to that of. Thomas. But the man is still married. To his wife even though he TRULY loves me. What do I do?


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