6 Ways to Benefit from a Psychic Advisor

6 Ways to Utilize a Psychic Reading for Maximum Benefit

“What am I thinking right now?” “What color underwear am I wearing?” “You are the psychic, so why don’t you tell me my name and why I am calling?”

If I had a dollar for every time someone has asked these questions (and more like this) in the last two decades, I’d be sailing on a yacht beside Bill Gates and family. Maybe I should just call Leo (Mr. DiCaprio, that is) instead to sail with me in spite of his bad karma on the Titanic!

People aren’t always trying to mess with my head. It’s just that many people don’t understand what a psychic advisor does and most importantly how we can help.

While a psychic can at times remote view and see what color your underwear is, or get a sense of why you’re calling or what’s on your mind, we’re not mind readers. Nor are we interested in the color of your underwear (unless, of course, you are the aforementioned Mr. DiCaprio).

All psychics have their own unique talents and skills. Just as physicians specialize in specific areas of medicine and musicians play different genres of music, each psychic has a general way of going about accessing information to assist you along your path in life. A psychic advisor is not the fortune teller that is depicted in cartoons or riding around in caravans informing you of the “good” and “bad” to come your way.

Instead, we provide a much more valuable service.

There is a plethora of information about you and your life that is accessible to psychic advisors. There are also a number of different potential futures that a psychic can tap into.

In other words we work with the past, present and multiple futures. Considering that, here are some ways that a psychic advisor can help you:

1. Psychics look at the various options available to you and the projected outcome of each.

Thinking of going back to school or changing jobs? A good psychic advisor can read both paths for you and tell you what you can expect on either pathway or perhaps they may see yet another path to be explored.

2. Psychics demystify your behavioral patterns or those of a loved one.

A psychic can not only pick up on situations going on in your relationships but also take a microscope to them and assist you in seeing the patterns of behavior, understanding why they are present and give you tools for approaching these patterns of behavior in a positive, constructive way.

3. Psychics assist you in understanding how your personal past is affecting your present.

“I just seem to keep attracting the same types of people.” While we have all seen people do this (Perhaps we have done it ourselves.), it isn’t always about needing to change the type of person we attract. Instead, it could be that we need to use a different strategy to attract the same “type” of person. It could be that we’re to learn how to make this successful or how to view it differently. Let a psychic advisor help you to determine this.

4. Psychics help you understand your karmic ties and how they are currently influencing your life.

We all incarnate with a “grocery list” of things to learn or accomplish in our lifetime(s). Included in that are karmic relationships, which are an opportunity to learn certain lessons. Whether we learn them or not, it’s really up to each person individually. For instance, there’s more than one way to learn about compassion. Mother Theresa or Mommy Dearest may have raised you, and either archetype affords you an opportunity to learn compassion, be it through direct role modeling or the very opposite. Good psychic advisors can help you see where you may be missing the lesson, or how to make the most of it.

5. Psychics assist you in finding the “right” relationship.

Of course, romantic relationships are what most people have on their minds, for it’s love that moves us to ask deeper questions. Love is, after all, what we’re all made of, and yet the thing we seek out the most. Is the one that got away coming back? Is there someone new? Do you want something more, but are afraid to be alone? Ask your advisor to look into the possibilities for you, as well as ways for you to move toward fulfillment in love. Sometimes you may find that it’s merely your perception that’s keeping you from experiencing love in its fullest.

6. Psychics look into your difficult situations and offer skills and techniques directly from spirit on how to deal with your personal challenges.

Remember that there is no one static future for anyone. Rather, your future depends as much on your choices as it does on things that appear to be “written.” Therefore, why not call a psychic advisor and get all the info you need in order to take full advantage of the foresight they can lend so that you can consciously design and create your life?

14 thoughts on “6 Ways to Benefit from a Psychic Advisor

  1. misskrystal

    thanks again, aisha, for writing such a great article :)..cheers, miss k
    PS clients can check this and reference it, when wondering if they should get a reading.

  2. Lorin Card

    Thank you for this most awesome article. I have some acquaintances, mostly psychologists, including my own daughter, who are still at the metaphors have meaning stage, and who don’t even know the clairaudience, yet alone what it means. They are also constantly pointing out so-called “errors” made by high profile psychics, all the while not understanding that psychics get a certain amount of information from the person they are reading as well. For example, if the person receiving the reading has mentally and not yet physically “given up” on a given pursuit, the psychic can read that situation as “over and done with” even though the person does not know they feel that way about the situation yet. For me, you psychics are amazing. As a Pisces, I am very psychic about a lot of things, especially about my own kids as they are bone of my bone flesh of my flesh, but you people have always helped me understand myself and the situations around me at a much deeper level and in a much more organized manner. You have helped me deepen my knowledge and organize it. And I really appreciate that. One thing that might help callers is if you give them a spiritual AND a physical/mental/emotional “timeline” of how things might best proceed in their lives, as I find that is an area I am still a little unclear with. But this article is amazing and goes a long way in explaining your approach. Thank you so much, and keep up the awesome work. Lorin

  3. Aisha x5865

    Hi Kimberly
    As of now, CP does not have an email option for readings – however if you log into our new test site (option should be given at the top of your page when coming onto CP site) – there is a place where you can keep notes from your reader
    Its a great way to keep track of your reading and be able to go back and reflect
    I encourage notes as sometimes an advisor may see something coming for you that doesn’t make sense at first, down the road as it begins to unfold, one can then go back to their notes and have a whole new roadmap to follow!!!!
    Many Blessings

  4. Kimberly Brown

    Very intriguing article. I am interested in meeting a psychic, but I would rather do my email, vs. Phone call. The main reason is I love to reflect on the answers after I receive them, so having them in writing helps me have them in writing to review for new meaning and options. Do you do readings my email?


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