Psychic Abigail: Bringing You Love and Peace

Getting to Know Psychic Abigail ext. 9570

Abigail ext. 9570 is a versatile reader who uses her natural empathic abilities to assist you in bringing love and peace into your heart and life. Armed with the gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognition and mediumship, she is able to read all situations and receives your important messages from her spirit guides. To connect, all Abigail asks for is an open mind and an open heart. She uses all of her abilities to help you get the answers you seek with love, compassion and honesty. Abigail is an empath and focuses on your vibrations. A certified past life regressionist, she can delve deeply into past lives to find hidden answers. Abigail does not need tools, but can use Tarot and crystals upon request.

We sat down with her for a brief interview and got some excellent information!

How did you get started?

“I’ve been psychic my whole life. As a kid, I used to have a lot of deja vu experiences. But, I didn’t grow up with psychic family members. When I would say things, I was told ‘that’s just your imagination.’ But now I’m very accepted. My mother knows that what I do is real. I started reading professionally because that’s where the universe put me. When you’re supposed to do it, when you’re supposed to do the work, you do the work. It’s one of those things you don’t have a choice about. When you’re supposed to do the work, the clients keep coming in and asking you for readings. If I’m supposed to do the work, I have to do it.

“Timelines can sometimes confuse clients, because they feel that when they get a reading, if it doesn’t happen in a period of time, it’s never going to happen. That’s not the truth. Too many things affect timing. Outside events, people—it’s not just the two people involved that you may be talking about in a reading. Everybody has extended people in their area. Events unfold as they’re meant to.

“For example, one of my success stories is that it took four years for an original prediction to come forward and manifest. The woman thought it would never happen. She ended up marrying the man that I told her she was going to marry, but went through four years of stuff to go through. He he had his stuff to go through too, but they came right back around and reunited. They’re married, happily. It just didn’t happen in the initial timeframe. She had sick parents and he was reunited with estranged children. There were karmic things that came into play for both of them, and when those things lined up and were taken care of, that’s when they could combine their lives together. That’s when the timing was right. I’ve seen a lot of people get discouraged with readings, they want a a date and a time, and that’s hard to connect to because outside things can effect it. It can change in the blink of an eye. That doesn’t mean the outcome won’t be the same; it’s just the timing that changes. The outcome only changes when those who are waiting use their free will to self-sabotage.

“Here is an example of self-sabotage: I tell you the stove is hot, and if you touch it, it’s gonna burn you. You don’t believe me. You touch it and get burned. I say, well, I told you not to touch it. If I say don’t call this person because they’re not ready. They need time and space. Allow time and space to pass and then you’ll see. But they can’t allow that person the time and space they need. They use their free will to constantly contact the person and don’t give the person time to sort things out in their lives, and they change it because that person shifts the energy in another direction. Just like trying to force a flower to open before it’s ready to bloom. If you pull on the petals it’s going to fall apart. It’s cause and effect.

“There are a lot of people on a spiritual path who call me. They’re developing their psychic gifts, and I give readings for people tapping into the ascension process. I enjoy those calls. It feels really good when you’re able to help somebody understand the process they’re going through. I can explain certain things that are happening to them.” What can Abigail ext. 9570 help you understand? Call and find out! 

“A lot of people right now are feeling a burn off of energy. The earth is changing. We’re part of the earth. We’re affected by it, so that means anxiety and stress, but those who are really sensitive will get heart palpitations, hot flashes for men, burning off old energy, a feeling of leveling up, or a hot sweat type of thing. It’s all about going into a higher level. You might feel tapping on top of the head or tingling in the hair root. That’s activity in crown chakra. That’s another sensitive area.

“A lot of people will call me that are very empathic. They pick up on other people’s stuff and can’t decipher what’s theirs and what’s somebody else’s stuff. I can help them move through that. I tell them to let go what isn’t theirs. They’re empathic, so their energy is picking up on somebody else’s pain.”

If you could urge people to do one thing, what would it be?

“I advise people to get out of their head and listen to their gut. That solar plexus energy that comes from the gut will never steer you wrong. When you over analyze, you get stuck.” What can Abigail ext. 9570 see for you? Call and find out!

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  3. AbigailX9570

    Dear Vivian,
    So sad to hear of your shocking loss please feel free to call the site we have many gifted mediums here to assist or answer your questions. I personally like to wait 3 months especially in her case was sudden and the angels are still working on them sweet heart sending you Divine Love and Healing


  4. misskrystal

    Hi Abigail-I have enjoyed your take on how the earth is changing. You mention some super interesting things-you got me thinking now-yes, it does seem like the energy is shifting…
    I found your article so informative…Loved it…Thanks…Hope your summer is going well. 🙂
    Huggies, Miss Krystal




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