Tapping Into Spirit With Psychic Raziel

Seeing What Lies Ahead

As a psychic that tunes into people remotely through emotions, thoughts and the Akashic Records, I have the ability to tap into other dimensions of my callers’ lives. It’s very helpful to have guidance during transitions in life, like starting new relationships and the ending of inappropriate ones. The psychic realm is a great place to address all complex or mundane issues at their spiritual root cause, giving the power back to the caller around the decision-making process they choose to make.

Many people who call back continuously do so because they realize that psychic insight is a whole science of human experience and gives a very effective method of healing reality. Over the years with California Psychics I have found that my callers have formed a trust with me around their most intimate and private issues. Psychics are not here to judge or force decisions to be made. We are here just to tune in and listen to our callers and share the impressions we receive.

I really enjoy the connections to my callers. It’s always a pleasure to give my insights into any situation. My clients love my style because it opens them up to information around who they really are and which choices are the best ones. My clients call me back many times because they find that I get the deeper meaning to their issues.

I once worked with a lady that we will call Tina just for confidentiality. Tina originally called me about a relationship question with a man that was not a soul connection, but she still felt the need to hold onto.

Tina was going through serious life changes as she had recently moved away from her husband of ten years with a young son and a new job. Also Tina had such a strong crush on this man that it was interfering in her life. Every time I tuned into him I knew he wasn’t right for her, although she pressed the relationship issue many times. I tactfully suggested that we explore the root cause of her relationship problems. It was clear to me from a past life flash that Tina had a dilemma between being an independent woman and feeling as though she wanted to be rescued. This dilemma played out in her intimate relationships, finding herself attracted to men who were strong rescuers but who were aloof and hard to connect to.

When I tuned in to Tina’s questions about work, the energy around her boss where energetically identical to the issues around her estranged husband!

I told Tina that the only way she could have release from her current work issue was to go back and deal with her disloyal husband, to re-evaluate her work and relationship patterns.

Tina continued to call me over a period of several months and I was able to guide her successfully into the right company to work for. Also as a result of Tina’s commitment to her highest good, she is now perusing a love interest that is connective for her.

There are numerous reasons why we call psychics and first of the top three reasons would have to be love and relationships – but it’s more than just understanding the potential partner. Callers also need to know about themselves in relationship to a new lover. It’s about the compatibility of two people, and lots of people forget to honour themselves in any partnership.

To call about a new job or money question is great, as the money part is always number two of the top three. I find that a lot of callers do better to ask what their life blueprint says they’re gifted at. Usually it’s in alignment with what they want to do! There’s so much self-denial and fear of failure in this world, especially around professional endeavors.

Sharing insights into “Career Stage Fright” and how it poisons ambitions is what I feel is best for my callers, as this gives greater success with future results.

Life purpose or spiritual reality is the third major reason for calls, especially in these times of spiritual awakening and social change. Many people are questioning the reality we live in and are developing their own psychic abilities. When one opens to the universe, it’s good to have some guidance as to the life changes this creates within one’s environment and associates. Sometimes things don’t fit the way they used to before we became aware.

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  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    If you have not experienced a reading wih Raziel yet, you are missing out.!!!!!!!

    He truly is a no-tools psychic, and tapping into Akashic records is getting it straight from the source.


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