Pet Telepathy

Animals tune into the pictures that we send out in our thoughts and feelings. Animals also communicate with their hearts.

I had a cat go missing one morning, and she communicated by sending energy to my heart. I conversed telepathically with her. She was asking for my help – and I found her locked in the shed in the backyard!

The most meaningful telepathic communication I’ve received was from my cat Mosie, who had lymphatic cancer. When it was clear that he was choosing to pass on rather than heal, I asked him if he would slow down his communication so I could understand him better. He agreed, and I had the most amazing communication with him before and after he died. Mosie asked me to promise that I would take good care of my other cat, Blackie, and my partner – and that I would love them both and be there for them. I promised.

After Mosie died, I decided to hold a memorial service in the backyard. Blackie participated fully, and we all said our prayers. I put a white veil around Mosie’s body, and announced out loud that this meant he would now take a Spirit form. Blackie immediately leaned in to bat his body! Later the same day, Blackie loudly meowed for me to come outside. She was racing across the yard, running circles around Mosie’s grave, and it looked like she was racing her buddy across the lawn!

That evening I felt Mosie’s presence on my chest. I could feel heaviness right where he always liked to lie – an energy pressing against me. Mosie had come to say goodbye. I communicated with him after he crossed over, and found that he was happy playing on the spiritual plane. My cat Blackie did not start mourning the loss of her good friend until the day after he was buried. She was able to see him clairvoyantly, and was playing with his spiritual body until he crossed over.

There is no time in the spiritual realm, so it’s never too late to communicate with any of our animal friends who have crossed over. I’ve found that having an open heart and a relaxed mind help me communicate the most clearly. After burying my cat Blackie, I felt her presence the most strongly while listening to beautiful music that I loved. I felt an amazing peace wash over me as I heard her thank me. Animals also communicate through our dreams. Yet another cat in my life told me he was ready to go, and that he loved me – in a dream. He was very sick, and spent time with everyone in my family that morning. Then he asked to go out, and never returned. He died in peace out in nature on his own terms. But he said goodbye first.

Animals can become our spirit guides and guardian angels after they cross over, and they have shown me through their open hearts and connection to Spirit that love truly never dies!

Has your pet sent you any messages?

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One thought on “Pet Telepathy

  1. vicki

    I never thought about telepathy with a pet until my dear dear little rat named Tart showed me. The first subtle signs were that I noticed when I was thinking about him, which I thought of him often since he such a good little pal to me when I was bed ridden alot, but I noticed he would always be very alert, and looking for me to arrive to his cage after I had been thinking about him, he normally just kicked back in his hammock to sleep or would be eating otherwise, I really didn’t give it much thought until it happened so often. One night I decided to try speaking to him with my mind and asked him to do little things, one time asking him to get up, come up to me and give me a kiss, and he did it! He eventually got sick…….I asked him if he was in pain, he said yes, then I asked him if he wanted medicine for pain, he said yes, I asked him several times just to make sure,……..I gave him the medicine, and a few days later had to put him down. I got a visit from him a few nights after he wa put down, I felt him jumping around on my bed, he was so excited and happy, I was able to communicate with him asking, “TART! TART, is that you???” He confirmed it was him, and I was so excited to hear from him all I could say is “IS that really you?!!! ……..I flet his warmth and weight sitting on my shoulder. I wish I had asked him other questions. Now I think he is back with me in another baby rat! I actually know it is him, he has proven it over and over both in old habbits and confirmation telepathically. I did not believe in any of this stulff before……boy, as humans, we have no clue sometimes to how closed minded we are and there is so much more out there that we could never fathem it all. I’ll never insist something is impossible or does not exist unless it’s proven otherwise, … I say ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, just open your mind.


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