Meaning of a Rat Sighting

Meaning of a Rat Sighting | California Psychics

A Rat Sighting

In most cases of everyday life, a rat is an unwelcome sighting. These misunderstood creatures are often thought of as vermin or pests. In reality, rats are gentle and adaptive creatures. While one might see a rat in a typical setting, like on a city street or rummaging through a dumpster, rats can also appear in art or in our dreams.

What is a Rat?

Rats are furry, neutral-colored rodents that are much larger than mice and hamsters. Black rats and brown rats are most common, though they can also be much lighter in color, even white. A white rat is usually perceived to be a positive omen. These resourceful mammals often live close to humans, taking what they can from society in order to survive. Don’t let their small stature fool you. Just like the mighty ant, a rat is much more powerful than they seem. Unlike mice, rats have long tails that provide them with balance and stability. This type of tail allows the rat to be an excellent climber.

Rats’ Relationship to Humanity

Rats are sometimes kept as pets and make excellent companions. Often kept in pairs, rats are able to form affectionate relationships. Their behaviors and characteristics closely resemble those of people. Because of this, they are very similar to humans genetically and are often used in scientific experiments and medical testing.

Historically, cool and unpredictable weather generally lead to an uptick in accusations of witchcraft. This cool weather brought with it creatures such as snails, frogs, and rats. This may be why rats have been linked to witches in the form of familiars. Despite the rat’s bad reputation, they live without the burden of ever knowing what others may think of them. If you find yourself concerned with outward appearance or judgments, remember that the rat lives free from the opinions of others. Rats also hold a strong physical immunity and natural resistance to a wide array of toxins. A rat sighting may be a sign of good health and protection.

Rats and Death

Rats were originally thought to spread disease, though further study reveals that it is actually fleas and other pests that deserve the blame. The tie between rats and death does not end there, though. Rats have shown incredible bursts of brain activity at the end of their lives, revealing that they may have near-death experiences. If you see a rat, perhaps you feel like your life is flashing before your eyes. The rat may be a sign that it is time to slow down and be more mindful and present. Rats are quick to flee dangerous situations. They escape sinking ships and can sense earthquakes. This survivalist nature leads to rats being perceived as having psychic abilities and premonitions.  

While the rat has darker meanings in western culture, they are very positive symbols in the East. The rat is the first animal of the Chinese Zodiac and is thought to be a symbol of wit and prosperity. As rats are prolific and resourceful, the rat can be an indication that a future plan or business will do well. In eastern culture, the rat is also seen as social and charismatic.

Dreaming of a Rat

What does it mean to dream of a rat? It greatly depends on what the rat is doing in your dream. Perhaps the rat is friendly and gentle, this could mean that you have someone dependable and steadfast in your corner. If the rat appears to be more of a nuisance, scurrying out of reach and chewing through items- the rat could be a symbol of your desire to work through a problem that seems to have no solution. The number of rats in your dream can also help decipher its meaning. Is there one rat or many? Many rats can lead to feelings of unease. Perhaps you are feeling ganged-up on in your waking life and wish to confront that discomfort. Overall, the meaning of a rat in your dreams correlates to how you personally feel about them during the day.

The Rat as a Totem and Spirit Animal

As a totem or spirit animal, the rat represents a dedicated worker. Whether alone or as part of a team, a rat is dependable and sees a job through. While rats can be domesticated, they are often nomadic by nature. The spirit of the rat is one that seeks adventure and a steady change in scenery. In addition to being a great teammate, the rat is a very nurturing companion.

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