People in Your Life are No Accident

One of the job perks of being an employee at CP are the readings. Recently, Anya Dawn ext. 9179 popped in to say hello. I had heard that she is very interested in past lives and soul questions… so I thought I’d give a past life reading a try.

Going into it, I was really hoping that I was Queen Victoria. (She laughed at me.) Anya Dawn explained that great people in history — the Walt Disney’s and Beethoven’s — were no accident. They are souls that incarnate many times and actively work on living in grace.

That concept — living in grace — fascinated me. You see, according to Anya Dawn, in order for a soul to reach that zenith where they no longer need to incarnate on the earthly plane, it must live 5-6 consecutive lifetimes with grace and integrity. Basically, living a relatively moral life free of corruption and not hurting others. She said that it is very rare… only 1 out of every 200,000 or so gets to go on to a higher level. (Side note: I have had a total of 6 lives and I am on consecutive number 3.  She said I will make it to 4 for sure. Win!)

Watching Anya work was both mysterious and fascinating. She asked for the names of the most important people in my life that I would like to focus on so that she could check their relevance on the soul level. I gave her four names — my boyfriend, my ex, and my favorite Aunt and Uncle. She asked if she could have a few moments to meditate on these names and I waited in anticipation.

Anya looked ahead, seeing the unseen spiritual plane where souls congregate in reflection and meditation. She made a point of noting that she can see who a person really is by seeing their soul on the other side.

We often get bogged down by our own drama and I figured that she’d focus on my love life — I had given her the names of my Aunt and Uncle because I’ve always been close to them and figured I’d just throw it out there. Surprisingly most of her message concerned them. I had only given her their names and she pinpointed their relationship to me and each other in perfect detail.

My Uncle has been my hero and mentor since I was a little kid. She said that he is a soulmate I’ve incarnated with many times and consistently learn lessons from. Interestingly she said my attraction to my boyfriend was because he and my Uncle are of the same soul-stream. She explained that a soul-stream was a grouping of similar souls — think of souls grouped according to color or frequency.

This information made perfect sense! Both my boyfriend and Uncle have similar degrees, interests and even the same sense of humor. Sounds kind of weird but there is truth to women seeking in mates the same traits as the dominant males in their lives — only according to Anya Dawn this transcends gender and is really a matter at the soul level.

This was not necessarily what I thought I would hear in a past life reading, but what Anya taught me is that it doesn’t matter who you were per se … what really matters is who you choose to be with and what you learn from them.

17 thoughts on “People in Your Life are No Accident

  1. Psychic Anya Dawn ext 9179

    As many have said, just look at your life as a journey. We pull out our maps to chart where we want to go instead of looking at where we have been.
    Anya Dawn

  2. Jen

    Hi Sherrie, I really liked Many Lives, Many Masters. That was my introduction to the idea of past lives. You should go on Amazon or a similar site and just type in Past lives… so many interesting titles come up. There’s books on case studies, personal stories, and tapping into past lives. Depending on your personal preferences, sounds like a lot of good reading material!

  3. sherrie

    What is a good book or books, even online articles to get, that will help me with past lives. I am a Tarot reader but am very interested in Spirit Guides and how we come into the path of those associated w/us in a past life,or who pass on and their influence on us, if any. Also my dreams have meanings to me and preminitions for me. I usually can disifer them and I can relate to the past (my physical life here) in them. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You Sherrie

  4. Chanda

    After reading some of Brian Weiss’s books (Many Lives, Many Masters, Same Soul Many Bodies, etc.) I was absolutely amazed by the stories of healing that occured after having a past life regression. A psychic once told me that I was beheaded in a past life when the executioner came to her, but would only say that his name was Edward and the word “sacrifice”. Apparently I was made an example of.
    Still I wonder over the word “sacrifice” and in what ways it has carried over into my current life and what I need to do to be freed and healed from it.

  5. The Lovely Duckling

    ADD…LOL! Yeah, I can relate. I’ve been meaning to write another article, but I can only manage to get about half done before something else comes up. You wouldn’t believe how many half-finished articles I have. My work ethic and schedule cannot accommodate my mind… 😉

    Thanks for the great recommendations!

    Duck 🙂

  6. Jen

    Hey Duckie!

    Nice to see you on here again! I meant to respond sooner but I get so ADD on here with all the comments. Isabella sounds like she knows her stuff. Anya Dawn was pretty great and while I havent had a reading with her yet, Bridget seems really knowledgeable about past lives.

    Hope all is well!

  7. Noble

    I know this man -we are both married to others–he visited me at my work often-finally-he found a way to make me look deeply into his eyes–I actually saw a past life with him–we were partners in that life-indigenous tribe of some kind. He has moved far away–but we still stay in touch-mostly IMs/cam—I am so perfectly happy with him–it is endless feeling! We will not leave our present partners–but what a strange awesome feeling!!!!

  8. TomMee

    Can anyone please help me with this:
    Ever since I was a kid, I was fascinated with art. I had a deep fascination of the stars and astrology. (In 3rd grade I remember tellin my teacher and students about it.) LOL.
    My mom was a devout Christian and dint want me to learn those things. So when I was living at home, at 25 I had a dream…I was up on a hill, thunder lightning and rain…heavily. Upon the hill I seen huge tablets 50 times bigger than me. It had some alienated, encrypted writing on it. I try to read it, and I shook like I was having a major seizure. The ground shook as well.
    So now I am studying magick, and metaphysical laws. Its as if I always wanted to do this and even now I dabble with it.
    Can someone please tell me what it means and what I should do? Because I dont have the answers.
    Thank you so much.

  9. The Lovely Duckling

    Thanks for sharing this, Jen! How interesting!
    I have never had a reading specifically for past lives, but during one of my readings with Isabella I learned a little bit about one of my past lives. Some of my guides are souls with whom I have shared previous lives. Could be why I swear that I already know some of the people I meet…
    Isabella explained more about contracts, karmic relationships and reincarnating to learn particular lessons. I was relieved to hear that I should only have about one more lifetime to learn what I need to! This one’s been wearing me out lately… LOL!
    I have been meaning to have another reading that deals just with past lives. I have so many questions about other lives and connections to this one. I’m glad to know of one more person at CP to talk to. 😉
    It’s so fascinating!
    Duckie 🙂

  10. lynn bridgewater

    In a reading with sharylynn yesterday every early in the morning I realy an finding inter peace I never thougth possible in the situation. the more I find out about my spirit guides and pastlives. It is very possible I could have closure on my soulmate. I would like to learn alot more and many more readings with her. I always believed marrage was for better, for worst,FOREVER. i REALY wont to know if my partner–if he was ssent to me by my spirit guilds to go throw what I have for reawaken of my soo.l

  11. Fuscilli

    I find Anya Dawn’s concept of ‘living in grace’
    compelling. I’d like to know more about it.
    I work with a man who appears to be graceless, he steals the ideas of others, lies, tries to make others look bad and gives people who work very hard no credit… he only speaks of himself and yet he seems to fool his higher ups, and benefits from his devious behavior. They seem to believe him over a group of people who have been loyal for years. It’s shocking! His higher ups are bright people. How does one live in grace in the light of behaviors like this???

  12. Psychic Jacqueline x9472

    Very interesting article,
    I love the part about living in grace and not doing harm to others, that this way of life leads to further advancement, this too is what I say in my Near Death Experience, the way we are to others is so crucial and remember what we do to others we truly do to our self (in more ways than one).
    Past lives are fun and you can learn so much from them, you actually have the ability to draw from a past life to enhance your life here, it is life re-knitting your DNA.
    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472

  13. Amelia

    What an interesting story, Jen! I haven’t have a reading with Anya Dawn, but after reading about yours, I want to speak with her. Her insights are enlightening.

  14. Fran

    I had the pleasure of speaking with Anya Dawn last year. She was very kind and sweet, and said that the one I love is in fact my true soul mate, my twin flame, and that we had many past lives together. That’s also what some of my favorite readers have told me, as well.


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