Discover Your Soul’s Purpose

 No One Else Can Tell You Who You’re Meant to be

The purposeless soul can grow heavy with each passing year. This is because it has accumulated a lot of fear, regret and disappoint from its past, during its present and anticipates even more in the future. At some point along the way, the soul does begin to question the weight of this feeling of emptiness and wonder if it is indeed on the right path to finding purpose. The good news is that just wondering about it means it’s closer to finding purpose than it realizes. The only trick is knowing where to look.

You Must First Know Where (Not) to Look

We all have a general idea of what our purpose should be, and this can sometimes be detrimental, considering the source many of these ideas come from. Friends, family, and co-workers often tell us who we are, and may even punish us for veering off the path. Approval addiction is a common condition we all suffer from, and its symptoms are pursuing the direction set by others, in order to gain their praise and approval, rather than following what we want to do.

The media tells us explicitly what we should strive to achieve, become and appear like. We are led to believe that objects and products can create happiness and direction in life. Even though you may tell yourself you know better, it sometimes feels right to seek out your purpose and passion within these “American Dreams.” It is so much easier to let achievements, possessions and other people tell us who we are, than to set our own paths, make mistakes, reset course and try something completely new.

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There is no book, speaker or product that can accurately tell you who you are. The best you can hope for is the courage to keep searching. Understand that there is no failure; only new experiences that bring you closer to discovering who you are. If you have achieved many goals, and continue to feel empty and purposeless inside, this is when it is time to turn your attention inward to what your soul is trying to tell you.

Who Says You Only Get One Chance?

It’s common to believe you only get one chance in life, yet so many people are afraid to make the first move. This kind of thinking doesn’t seem very forgiving. Many people have found their true purpose through trial and error. Here are a few tips to finding your greatest success:


Instead of seeing each pursuit that did not work as a failure, you should see it as a stepping stone towards undiscovered territory. There is no experience (or relationship) that is wasted in life. It all counts towards helping you discover your true passion, love and purpose. You only accept defeat when you give up and accept “good enough,” when you know there is something more out there for you.

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Reconnect With Your Childhood

Your youth was one of the most honest times in your life. Some of your biggest clues to your purpose may be hidden within the interests and dreams you had as a kid. Reconnect with these ideas (even the silly ones) and see where they take you.

Say No to Fear

Another idea is to ask yourself what you would be doing right now if you could be guaranteed success. Finding your purpose can be stifled by your fears. You may not be able to succeed in everything you want, but you can foster your talents and let nature take its course. Many people find their purpose doing something they never thought they could/would, but they took a chance anyway and their passion found a way to make it a success.

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Decide Who You Want to be

Keep in mind that your true purpose is not something you need to buy or earn. It’s not in a suitcase or at the end of the degree process. It is a decision on your life’s direction, based on your internal desires and what gives your life meaning and joy. Your purpose is out there waiting to be found. However, it can be a little shy. Don’t be afraid to seek it out.

3 thoughts on “Discover Your Soul’s Purpose

  1. Victoria

    This is for Chris above…..I am the polar opposite and tend to gloss over people’s faults and not be completely honest when asked my opinion. I was married to a man who was/is very much like you and tended to blurt out what to him was obvious. I found this was really constructive for me as some of us learn young to tell people what they want to hear and accept that as the truth only to feel dishonest/resentful later. It didn’t matter if he was saying a particular outfit wasn’t flattering or dinner may have been better with less veggies–I found his bluntness forced me to be more honest with myself, kept me competitive and balanced my perception of others. I think you need to find a line of work in which your particular bluntness is an asset. My ex sold textiles to fashion designers and I was always shocked at the amount of customers who expressed their appreciation for his honesty. Design tends to be somewhat isolated and sometimes a designers vision does not translate to product sales so the second opinion gave them confidence in their line—especially when delivered with honest resolution. You may benefit from a few psychology and sociology courses in order to better understand how many people feel being on the receiving end of your comments and when to hold back. If you work around others they often become adversarial due to the fact they may get away with their behaviors and have never been “called out”. I would try to find a position where you work very independently but feel confident in your knowledge when called upon for an opinion and I bet you will do very well!

  2. chris

    I know the who, what, where, when, why, and how about myself the problem is speaking. My abilities are that of a mirror: when someone faces me they face themselves. I was born with the ability to put into words what it is I see but don’t know how to do it nicely. Some where along the line I agreed to answer questions put to me but found a loop hole. If im never around anyone then their are no questions and I don’t make people feel so bad. Im always pointing out what needs fixing rather then the good I see. I cant seem to keep my mouth shut lately and end up making people feel like their monstors instead of good people making bad choices based off their wrong angles of thought. every question I have asked in my life has been answered and I know how to answer others but it always comes out negative. im at a major turning point in my life and not sure where its headed next. (I suck at the physical world but the soul and understanding of it is very easy). I only have one fear and that is to make a choice that I cant stand myself for. So I continue to keep quiet. It only takes a glance into someones eyes and i start getting info i never asked for. peoples walls are just there and are not an obstacle in any way shape or form to me. When i tell people what i see they get really mad, defensive, shocked, and just don’t want to here it. that’s not the reaction i want, im just trying to show them what i see, its not like i asked for the info. anyway, i don’t have a job right now but lots of time to improve myself. any ideas? chris


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