Saturn and You

Of all the planets in the zodiac, Saturn gets the worst rap. Astrologers bemoan its appearance and deem its presence responsible for limitations, restrictions, laws, duties, obligations, taxes and time. But it is also the planet of manifestation, realization of dreams and the coming of fruition.

When Saturn has an important transit in our chart, this often means that our frustration and pain will have reached a point where we can no longer ignore them. That means letting go of the familiar, and ending the comfortable rut we’re in. Most of the time, we resent this enormously, but change is necessary for personal growth.

Now let’s see what happens when Saturn moves into your sign:

Saturn in Aquarius
You’ll be tested in the areas of interpersonal connection, especially in important professional and love relationships. It’s a time that will demand that you refine and define what you’re responsible for in relationships, and where you need to detach your feelings of responsibility. This will mean a lot of shifts — the ones that serve your growth will endure and the ones that don’t will end.

Saturn in Pisces
Compared to some other placements, you’re getting it a bit easy during this period. If you want to improve your outlook at work, resign yourself to contributing more. If you want to improve your nutrition or health, it’ll never be easier, Saturn’s abilities to generate motivation, drive, and follow-through are with you as never before. All told, mind your Ps and Qs and you’ll come out way ahead.

Saturn in Aries
You’ll have lots of opportunity to examine your ideas, needs and responsibilities around romance, creativity and/or children. Both new and old relationships — with people and with your creativity –will be the places in your life where you’ll have both frustrations and the chance for tremendous growth.

Saturn in Taurus
Change will come to you through your home and family. Be prepared for lots of changes –perhaps a move — and certainly a reassessment of how you view and interact with your family. There will be questions of responsibilities, duties, and obligations to family and how to deal with these realities in a kind and enjoyable fashion.

Saturn in Gemini
An entirely new way of communicating and a new presence of mind will be developed during this time. You will see yourself, your choices and responsibilities in a way you couldn’t have imagined in the past. You’ll become more mature and engage with the realities of life.

Saturn in Cancer
This period is about learning to use your resources wisely — material, financial, and emotional. If you’re chronically in debt, then your life will no longer accommodate that habit. You’ll have to learn to live within your means, and you’ll learn the great comfort of solidity that comes with that.

Saturn in Leo
Saturn’s now placed in your natal Saturn sign, which means that every area of your life that is stuck, dysfunctional or irresponsible is going to change — ready or not. Go with the changes and you’ll end this period with the outlines of the life you’ve always dreamed of having. Saturn is the ruler of manifestation and all its power is in your sign, which means all that magic is available to you if you have the strength to be worthy of it.

Saturn in Virgo
You’ve been set a real challenge with incredible rewards at the end of the contest. You will be charged with resolving pain and fear from within, from your past and from others. Once this period is over, you will be the person you were meant to be, emotionally healed and ready to build your dreams.

Saturn in Libra
Relationships will be your challenges and your rewards during this transit. Any relationships, no matter how deeply enmeshed, will only survive if they serve the best interests of all parties, meaning that they serve true development of the soul. Some old friends will fall away and some new ones will appear to help you move towards realizing your dreams.

Saturn in Scorpio
You’ll be given more responsibility that you’ve ever imagined — or wanted — for that matter. You’ll have to honor the obligations this places upon you, but boy, will it be worth it. Do the work and you’ll live your dreams!

Saturn in Sagittarius
Things philosophical, spiritual, religious, and educational will be where you have the need and opportunity to grow and develop. Closely held beliefs about ideas, religion, and authorities will now be challenged, but if you meet the demand to take responsibility for your own beliefs, you’ll grow in spirit beyond your wildest dreams.

Saturn in Capricorn
All aspects of your life are now demanding that you look at your finances, how you manage them, where your income comes from and where it goes. Look at this as a time to live within your means, plan for the future and resolve old debts. After this tough financial period, you’ll be setting yourself up for solid money management for the rest of your life.

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