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All of our psychics are extraordinary. But there are a select few who have received overwhelming praise. We want to highlight these psychics for their amazing talent and ability to help. Take your readings to the next level with these top psychics, and experience the best:

Psychic Lalita ext. 5408

Lalita was born into an eclectic family comprised of an intuitive mother and a father who was a physicist. This influenced her as a reader, making her more investigatory in her approach while maintaining a high level of divine awareness. Lalita can hear and feel the matters of importance during a reading but, she mostly uses her clairvoyance to see one’s life purpose. She is able to see and receive messages from people who have crossed over. Lalita’s psychic strength lies in her clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient abilities, but she is well-skilled at reading a variety of Tarot decks, runes and in Numerology. Her partially blind psychic parrot assists in her readings. She is in physical contact with Lalita during all of her readings and may pull cards or runes or act as a medium during the reading. Her parrot also provides additional confirmation for Lalita when she has touched on an issue that needs to be addressed by “tweeting” aloud. Lalita has been a practicing shaman for over 20 years. She reads on all topics, but specializes in relationships, pets, totem readings and past lives. “I feel seeking knowledge and self-awareness through a competent source is the most important step toward making life changes and improvements. A great reader can open your heart and the doors of opportunity in your life.” What can Psychic Lalita ext. 5408 see for you? Call her!

Psychic Raissa ext. 5361

Raissa became aware of her clairvoyant abilities and began experiencing premonitions early in her childhood. Over the years she utilized her natural gifts in her work as a leader of spiritual and healing groups within her community and as a life coach and crisis counselor. Raissa is able to couple her experience working with people and her psychic talents to help her clients realize they can have exactly what serves them best. She tunes into callers by asking them to say their first name and date of birth, which enables her to feel their emotions and connect to their needs. “The knowledge I receive during a reading comes directly from the need I feel in a client’s heart.” She communicates freely with the caller’s spirit guides, as well as with her own. Raissa enjoys reading on all issues, but specializes in love and relationships and destiny/life path. She delivers her guidance with compassion and a desire to inspire. Raissa is a no tools reader, but can use Tarot, dream interpretation and automatic writing upon request. What can Psychic Raissa ext. 5361 see for you? Call her!

Psychic Genessa ext. 5233

Genessa is a professional psychic with more than 15 years of experience. She’s a clairvoyant, empath and healer. By staying in tune with the Universe, Genessa is able to pick up on the flow of energy in a person’s life. She specializes in helping with love and relationship concerns as well as life-changing events. Genessa can also perform karmic cleansing and healing. She feels that everyone is born with a sixth sense and prides herself on her ability to help people get in touch with it. Genessa does not need tools, but can read Tarot, I-Ching, and the crystal pendulum upon request. What can Psychic Genessa ext. 5233 see for you? Call her!

Psychic Abigail ext. 9570

Abigail is a versatile reader who uses her natural empathic abilities to assist you in bringing love and peace into your heart and life. Armed with the gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognition, and mediumship, she is able to read all situations and receives your important messages from her spirit guides. To connect, all Abigail asks for is an open mind and an open heart. She uses all of her abilities to help you get the answers you seek with love, compassion, and honesty. Abigail is an empath and focuses on your vibrations. A certified past life regressionist, she can delve deeply into past lives to find hidden answers. Abigail does not need tools, but can use Tarot and crystals upon request. What can Psychic Abigail ext. 9570 see for you? Call her!

Psychic Catherine ext. 5116

Catherine is a clairvoyant and clairaudient who has been reading Tarot cards for 26 years. She says the cards speak to her very clearly and her guides work with her throughout her readings to keep both the energy and the information clear. Her goal is to leave callers with a more-positive outlook, and give them new hope based on the choices and information they are given. Catherine believes, “I have a special gift to be used and shared in a way that is beneficial to others while on their journey through this lifetime.” What can Psychic Catherine ext. 5116 see for you? Call her!

Psychic Barbie ext. 9295

Barbie is a clairvoyant empath who has been reading professionally for 15 years. After a life change, she consulted a psychic, who ultimately guided her to develop her own psychic abilities. To begin a reading, Barbie asks for your name and question. Then she uses Tarot to connect to your voice and goes clairvoyant. Sometimes, she asks you to take a deep breath to clear the energy. Along with Tarot, Barbie uses crystals, astrology and Numerology as tools during a reading. Her style is inspirational, compassionate and straightforward. She gets confirmation from you and from her spirit guides. Barbie enjoys dealing with all types of questions and issues, and describes herself as a “life coach with inspiration.” Barbie hopes that you take the advice she relates and use it to make a positive change in your life. “I give the message as it comes to me,” she says. “I bring the wisdom that comes with age plus a lot of life experiences to my readings.” What can Psychic Barbie ext. 9295 see for you? Call her!

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