How Each Zodiac Sign Practices Forgiveness

How Each Zodiac Sign Practices Forgiveness | California Psychics

The Dark and the Light

Every zodiac sign has the ability to love and forgive. They’re also more than capable of refusing to forgive or forget. It all comes down to what each soul chooses.

If you’ve ever received an insincere apology, you know it doesn’t feel very good and can create worse feelings. One example is when someone tries to turn their wrongdoing back onto you by feigning an apology such as, “I’m sorry you feel that way, but you’re too sensitive. Just get over it!”

How to Apologize

The proper way to apologize is to say what you did and say you are sorry for it. Don’t add anything more to it. Then make any needed amends, and never repeat the transgression. That’s it, but it can be awfully hard to do. It remains the right of the other person to either forgive or not, but you have done your part once you’ve genuinely apologized and made necessary amends.

To paraphrase Aaron Lazare, MD, on how to apologize, there are four points to forgiveness:

• Fully acknowledge the offense: Admit it by stating exactly what you did wrong and accept responsibility for your actions.

• Give an explanation, but no excuses: Tell them why you misbehaved, and reassure them that it won’t happen again. Some examples of excuses: I was just teasing, I was only kidding, don’t take it personally, I didn’t mean it, don’t be so touchy, don’t blame me, etc. Avoid saying, “I’m sorry, but you were wrong too, and here’s why,” because that comes across as “sorry, not sorry.”

• Express genuine remorse: Heartfelt remorse is healing but refusing to fully accept responsibility for your bad behavior will only damage your relationship further.

• Make reparations for damage: If you are unsure of what to do, ask the other person what else they need from you.

Sincerity is Key

Sincerity is the ingredient to win hearts and bring real healing to you and the other person. Watch how good you feel after you apologize from your heart. Sincerely apologizing is an act of honesty, humility, commitment, generosity, and courage.

If you are the one being sincerely apologized to, then it opens the gates of healing to accept the apology, let it go, and move on. Forgiveness is one of the greatest gifts you can give another. It is also one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. It serves no one, especially not yourself, to say, “Apology not accepted.”

Clinging to bitterness, rage, and poisonous thoughts might make you feel strong and protected at first, but like acid, it burns the vessel holding onto these things, and does nothing to the one who hurt you.

Forgiveness by Zodiac Sign

Let us look now at how each zodiac sign practices forgiveness.


The evolved Ram might get red-faced angry for a little while, then let it blow over the minute you say you are sorry. A nice gift of atonement doesn’t hurt, either. But the unevolved Mars-born can be bitter, relentless, cruel, and mean-spirited, never letting you forget anything. Ever.


The Bull can hold a grudge and take it to the grave. The silent treatment is often their weapon of choice. If you can get them to listen, offer them a heartfelt apology. It may take them a while to thaw out, but they will eventually forgive you. You would, however, be wise to not even give the appearance of doing them wrong after that.


The Twins can forgive you in a twinkling if you really mean that you are sorry. They’ll appreciate your sincere attempts to communicate with them and try to make amends, but insincerity invites their cynicism. As light-hearted as many a Mercury-born can appear to be, tread carefully with their re-won trust. They can remove it just as fast.


Moon Children are sensitive, easily hurt, and can hold on to resentment indefinitely. They can be cranky, snappish, and contentious toward those who wrong them, but if you apologize and they sense you really mean it, their compassion and empathy will open, and they’ll forgive you. They may need you to tangibly prove you are sorry, but it will be worth it.


The proud Lion does not find it easy to forgive, especially if their pride is hurt. But if you display true remorse, offer a genuine apology, and include the nicest gift offering you can afford, the generous Big Cat will let their inner sun shine warmly on you again. They might even invite you back into their glamorous life.


Virgo might need to think about forgiving an injustice done, but they can forgive. They themselves readily strive to seek forgiveness. However, their sharp criticisms may follow you indefinitely if you don’t make amends, so sincerely apologizing is the only way to win their forgiveness.


The Child of Venus lives to love, finds peace in harmony, and is swift to forgive. They believe in giving others a second chance, for they remember when they themselves have transgressed and sought to be forgiven. They’re deeply uncomfortable with discord and will make extra effort to bring everything back into balance between you. But they also have long memories.


The Scorpion seems to bear one of the heaviest burdens of struggling to let go, to forgive, and to forget. Once hurt, they can act as though you died. They won’t even look at you. If you can get the Pluto-Mars born to ever speak to you again, offer a sincere apology. Then prove you mean it. The most evolved Scorpio will be quick to forgive you. Just don’t do it again.


The Archer’s proclivity toward bluntness often finds them on the end of needing to ask for forgiveness, so they understand its importance. They in turn tend to be freely forgiving. But you better mean your apology. Be honest and straightforward. Or they might just turn their backs and walk away, never to be seen again.


The Sea-Goat worries over things like this. They offer sincere apologies and hope you’ll do the same for them. You must accept full responsibility for your wrongdoing because they would do the same if they were the one apologizing. They’ve been burned before, so forgiving isn’t easy for them, but if you are genuine, they will forgive.


The Water Bearer weeps at betrayal because it is anathema to them. They are loyal, dependable, and loving. Friendship is their greatest heart’s desire and damaging their friendship can break the Uranian-Saturnian’s, big heart. It can be a break so bad that they turn ice-cold, sever all ties, and freeze you out forever. But if you offer them a genuine apology, they will readily forgive you and be happy to let it go, move on, and yes, be friends again.


The Fish has a deep understanding of the human soul. They have the genuinely beautiful gift of being able to love the unlovable. They are sensitive, and easily read the sincerity in another. A true apology will inspire them to not only forgive you but wrap their arms around you in a big warm hug and welcome you home like a prodigal child.

Starting to Heal

If we forgive, we ourselves will be forgiven. Remember, when you forgive, you are setting yourself free from the dark prison of pain. You are not saying what the person did is okay. You are saying that you are willing to let it go, move on from it, and let the healing begin.

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