Never Doubt Dave

Dave is awesome! I have spoken with him on 3 different occasions about the same issue and he always seems to put my mind at ease. He does a fantastic job at explaining what the Tarot cards mean, even when I have to ask numerous times. I pray that what he told me does happen, I know I will follow his advice to a T. Thanks again Dave, I can’t wait to talk to you again.”

S.R., Pueblo

5 thoughts on “Never Doubt Dave

  1. Kallista ext. 9623

    “Never Doubt Dave” is right! I have had the honor of referring some clients to you for further insight and support and they invariably report back that you are wonderfully helpful, healing, and stunningly accurate. I’m delighted to have such quality co-workers, and you are quality itself, Dave! Thank you for how hard you work to assist clients, and for your amazing gifts.
    Kallista ext. 9623


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