Psychic Jacqueline’s Powerful Insight

Psychic Jacqueline ext. 9472 is a very special woman — after all, she survived a near death experience because she chose to come back and help others. Here are some of Jacqueline’s best pieces of wisdom and insight to help guide you on your life journey.

On life lessons:
“Self-respect is the biggest lesson for all of us to learn and I think it is one of the most difficult. But wow, the rewards for learning this lesson are huge!”

“The only reason we sign a contract agreeing to go through a difficult time, is for us to gain something from the experience and for us to grow. We can become better people, it’s all about learning and growing…”

On crossing over:
“On so many levels, I feel like I do straddle the two dimensions. I love it! It is like you see all — the intentions of others, their life, the ability to experience every emotion of every single being. The plants, humans, animals, everything.”

“Crossing over truly does have a long lasting impact on my life and the way I review it…”

On the afterlife:
“Heaven is such a beautiful place. It is full of love, no anger, no harsh thoughts — just utter complete bliss. It is a place that feeds the soul.”

What was the best inspiration Jacqueline gave you?

14 thoughts on “Psychic Jacqueline’s Powerful Insight

  1. annette

    Well, you said that he would not find anyone else in Africa. His cousin told me he extended his stay because he found someone he liked. I do not think i will receive a phonecall from him when returns to the States. It feels like will never find anyone.

  2. velvetoversteel

    Jacqueline you are an Angel, there is do doubt! Self-Respect is not only something you teach. You show respect, kindness and compassion to everyone! You also teach us to continue to grow and learn by your example! You are so genuine and loving! CP and All of us are so very lucky to have you!!
    Blessings and Hugs back to you, Jacqueline!

  3. san

    Self respect truly is the most important and most difficult lesson to learn. However, once mastered it unlocks so many secrets and can uncover you place in the universe and give you compassion for every other life, for you see they are as precious as your own. With this comes the abundance of love for every moment you experience positve and negative. Self respect shows you the journey you are on, without it words and actions can become unconcsious, meaningless.

  4. Saphira

    Amazing article!
    simply beautifully stated!
    Jacqueline you are truley a lightworker
    sent back from heaven to touch and inlighten
    many lives! including mine.

  5. balancedesires

    I am so weepy right now, you are truly amazing & I am so blessed to be acquainted with you. A simple thank you just does not seem to be enough to express my gratitude to you for all you have shown me, so I am sending so many warm fuzzies to you via my soul & guides! Mwah!!

  6. Abigail Ext 9570

    You make my life’s work a blessing and it shows that there are those that are looking for what I have to offer and that the universe brings us together for the purpose of growing. I also learn and recieve many blessings from my clients on a daily basis.
    Many Blessings

  7. balancedesires

    Hi Angelica!
    Although I have never had the pleasure of speaking with Jacqueline, I am honored by your experiences because I certainly have the same connection to Abigail! There are just no words sometimes that would honor our faves enough. Other than yes, having a full heart & being enlightened, honored & grateful for all the wisdom bestowed to us. Thank you for sharing your words! Hugs, love & light to you also!

  8. Angelica

    Honestly-are you kidding? Where do I start with this beautiful person!? Each time I’ve seen a featured testimonial about a psychic, i’d think, “that’s nice, but what about Jacqueline!?” And have since been DETERMINED to write one to make the blog–but there was never enough room to say it all! Even now as I “have my chance,” I find the task daunting. (of course, the perfectionist in me doesn’t help..haha) But honestly, I’m overwhelmed at the notion of somehow SUCCINCTLY and accurately expressing the breadth of wisdom and inspiration I’ve gained from Jacqueline in our last year of connection thru CP (and my intense gratitude for it all). My heart is so full! So, forgive me-succint I shall not be…
    Jacqueline is sweet and simple in her delivery. She’s never heavy handed nor ‘going thru the motions.’ And the wisdom is just there. It’s just part of who she is and you can’t help but gleen it from her; Even simply as an energy shift. Of course this is a service, and this her “job,” but it never feels like that. It’s always about YOU and she is SELFLESS in her process. And somehow always filled with JOY to be assisting you-no matter what you may bring. And this, in itself, is a lesson…
    It is no question that she straddles “two dimensions,” not just through her obvious & amazing abilities, but because she seems to embody that state of heaven that she mentions here. Her ability to see and feel the bigger picture, and the place of non-judgement & compassion & love she comes from–you just FEEL it. And through that, it’s IMPOSSIBLE not to be ELEVATED, SUPPORTED, INSPIRED by it, and to ASPIRE to it. She’s one of those rare people that makes you want to be a better person! And thru her gifts and lessons, I truly believe in many moments, I have.
    In regards to the specific question asked (hehe-I’ll get there if this isn’t all inspiration enough!) there truly are SO many quotes, images and meditations I’ve acquired from her (and i share them with others all the time). Of course, they always seem to come when you need them most and seem tailor made for you, but they are so obviously more universal than that. After each reading, I’d often name my note pages with titles such as, “ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE,” or “TRUST YOUR GUT- IT’S NEVER WRONG” based on what we had discussed. Or I would go through and circle thoughts to stay focused on, like “ASK YOURSELF & FOLLOW THE ANSWERS,” and “BE TRUE TO YOU,” or “I know [insert name] did the best you can, and I LOVE YOU ANYWAY” on releasing disappointments & forgiveness, or more succinctly “SEND [it] LOVE”.
    But perhaps the SIMPLEST, but one of the most powerful was “BE HAPPY EVERY MINUTE.” She said it with such sincerity and conviction, almost innocence of a child, like it was the easiest thing in the world…that’s it’s never left me. Seemingly simple, yet so profound…
    So every time I get bogged down in the drama of life or the moment–I think of her saying that and it lifts me out and up. Sometimes even just as I’m walking home and I cease the incessant spinning of thoughts to look up at the blue filled sky or a beautiful flower bush at the end of a mangled yard, i’m reminded of the true essence of it all… and thankful for Jacqueline’s guidance toward that truth.
    Many, many blessings and much gratitude to this wonderful lady, and as Miss Krystal said…very special psychic! Thank you for all you do, and all that you are Jacqueline.
    Love & Light,

  9. Priti

    HOPE and FAITH !!! is what Jacqueline’s given me. Every single time she has encouraged me to stay on my path of reaching out to my loved one via my prayers. Thank you Jacqueline for help and advice.

  10. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I feel that for those of us who have crossed over…..we bring back down to the earthly plane a much broader perspective on life and Karma in general ……I’m very aware now, because of crossing over twice, when I do readings not only of the immediate impact I’m having on the clients life path, but also of the long range impact I’m having in regards to the clients Karmic journey thru this incarnation.
    Congrats Jacqueline….you wrote a fabulous article….and yes….it is ALL about learning and growing.
    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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