My Near Death Experience

As a Medium, I have visited with thousands of souls coming from the other side of the veil. Most of them have very similar bits and pieces to tell about their living conditions. I say living conditions, because life does go on. They have homes, jobs, friends and lives — just like here. But I got my firsthand look at the other side, “heaven” if you will, when I had my near death experience in 1997 while being pulled on a tube behind my father-in-law’s boat.

When the boat came down on my head, I could see people talking, but I didn’t care that they seemed very stressed. I felt my soul being pulled out through my tail bone and I found myself floating beneath my body. I then saw a bright light with a hand in it. As I reached for the hand I felt myself “swoooosh” into the light and came out dry, wearing a light purple robe, standing in the most beautiful garden I have ever seen. The flowers actually hummed and I could hear birds. The air was so clean and fresh. There were Roman style statues and water fountains along the pathways. They appeared as though they were made of diamonds or some other glistening jewels.

Three large marble buildings were lined up against the far end of the garden. One had high pillars and steps leading up to massive doors, the middle one was round with long, wide steps leading to an open forum, and the third was massive and long — it’s entrance had a sloped granite ramp. People were laughing, walking, talking, and going about their business like they would in a normal city. Everyone was wearing clothes just like we do, but the colors were different — it was like you could almost hear them as they walked by. No one moved their lips, but I could hear plenty of chatter.

Suddenly, I noticed my loved ones near the fountain and I walked over and began hugging and telling them how much I missed them. I was escorted to the building with the big pillars and steps. Once inside, I spied these monitors much like a TV screen or computer monitor, where my life was shown to me in its entirety. I felt when I had hurt someone else — exactly how they felt. I felt myself judging me.

Then I heard a voice tell me, its time to go back. I felt myself being pulled back and I heard that “swooshing” again. I found myself receiving CPR and my eyes were blurred with tears. From that moment, I realized there is no judgment other than what we place on ourselves. I knew that heaven was not a place to fear, but to seek. I wanted to return so badly that I went into a great depression.

But my guides told me I need to be here to complete the contract I made with God. Through the years I hold the great feeling of love, peace, and great beauty within. I know that when my time comes, as will yours, that we will never die alone, that there will always be someone there sticking their hand out to greet us back home, and I look forward to that day.

6 thoughts on “My Near Death Experience

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  3. Abigail Ext 9570

    Lovely story I’ve had the exact feeling of “I felt I was judging me” as my life flashed in front of me. I got a glimpse of the white light felt my soul rise above. I had asked that they please take my mother from my view a few minutes earlier as I could read her face and saw the fear in her eyes. After she was out of my view and away …..I heard my mother say don’t leave even though she was not there clear as a bell. You are truly a wonderful medium 🙂

    Many Blessings


  4. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Hi Rondalfay-
    Boy, can I relate to this one…I shared back in the summer on here, something similar to what you describe as seeing your entire life on “tv”

    Thank you for sharing this. Very interesting.
    We are never alone. That is for sure. From here to Eternity. Bless you, Miss Krystal

  5. Psychic Maryanne Ext. 9146


    Thanks for a very enlightening article on “the other side”.

    I am very comforted, and I know our clients will be, too, by your assurance that when our individual times come there will be a hand reached out to us.


    Extension 9146

  6. Anastasia

    Anastasia, extension 5167 writes:
    Hi Rondalafay,
    Thankyou for your beautiful article! It brought tears to my eyes. I have experienced tastes of heaven from relatives and pets who have crossed over and communicated with me. I also know Heaven and life after death are real.
    Your description of being in the Temple felt very real- like I have been there before and will be there again. 😉
    Thanks for sharing your experience!
    Ps. I am curious how you came by your name and it’s meaning if you’d like to share. 😉


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